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Xceed Words for .NET

Xceed Words for .NET

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Xceed Words for .NET lets your application create new Microsoft Word .docx documents, or modify existing ones.

Create or manipulate Microsoft Word documents from your .NET applications, without requiring Word or Office to be installed. Its fast and lightweight and can create Word files from scratch or modify existing ones. Widely used and backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • .NET Technology
    • Object-oriented design created specifically for the .NET framework.
    • Supports .NET 4.X and ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2010 and up.
    • Supports VB.NET, C# and Managed C++.
    • 100% managed code, written in C#
    • Source code included with the Blueprint subscription.
  • Major features
    • Create new Word documents or modify existing ones.
    • Supports Word documents saved in the .DOCX format (Word 2007 and up).
    • Ability to modify multiple documents in parallel for greater performance.
    • Ability to apply a template to a Word document, which can include styles, headers, footers, properties, text content and more.
    • Join documents, recreate portions from one to another.
    • Supports document protection with or without password.
    • Set document margins and page size.
  • Supported Word document elements
    • Add headers or footers which can be the same on all pages or unique for the first page or unique for odd/even pages. Can contain images, hyperlinks and more.
    • Insert/Modify paragraphs.
    • Insert/Modify numbered or bulleted lists.
    • Insert/Modify images. Flip, rotate, copy, modify, resize.
    • Insert/Modify tables. Insert/Remove rows, columns, change direction, column width, row height, borders, merge/delete cells.

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