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MSPComplete is business process automation for IT service providers.

MSPComplete is business process automation for IT service providers. Also called managed services automation. It will help you standardise service delivery, eliminate preventable mistakes, achieve 100% utilisation of your people and convert documentation into action.

Key Features:

  • Prescriptive, standardised service delivery: View and delegate tasks, aligning the work to the appropriate person or team at every step of the process.
  • Simple, intelligent team management:
    • Team management: Set up your people for success by organising teams based on skill-level, skill-type and responsibility
    • Load balancing: Prevent burnout by automatically assigning tasks to people within teams based on utilisation
    • Task queue: Eliminate downtime by enabling team members to pull available tasks from a shared queue
  • At-a-glance state of your business: Delivery dashboard lets you get the overview you need to start each day with the right priorities.
  • Centralised customer management: Keep customer service at the center of customer management. Get a quick snapshot of a customers users, computers, servers and cloud applications. See the real-time status of active managed services, project services, pending tasks and work orders.
  • Customisable, personal feeds: Respond to the tasks that matter with a list of work assigned to you in order of priority. Set preferences by notification type, level of severity, or service. Stay on top of escalations, deadlines, or even opportunities to upsell customers.
  • Grow and manage your portfolio in the Service Library: Each service is a runbook containing prescriptive guidance and automated tasks for repeatable, end-to-end delivery. Centrally manage every service you offer customers, whether one-time projects or ongoing managed services.

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