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Studio 3T

Studio 3T

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Studio 3T is a MongoDB client.

Release the full power of MongoDB. Studio 3T is the professional GUI, IDE & client for MongoDB available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Speed up tasks like query building, data exploration, import/export, code generation, and more ? with or without the knowledge of the MongoDB query language.

Studio 3T is available in 3 editions:

  • Core: Provides you with the essential tools you need to get started with MongoDB.
  • Pro: The professional edition also comes with SQL query, schema analysis, documentation generation, data comparison and SQL import/export.
  • Enterprise: In addition to all the features of our professional edition, the enterprise edition also covers Kerberos & LDAP authenticaion and support for MongoDB Enterprise.

Key Features:

  • Write Scripts Like a Pro: Forgot that method or collection name? IntelliShells rich autocompletion will quickly refresh your memory.
  • Keep Things Simple: Queries can get pretty complex. With this visual Query Builder you only need to know how to drag and drop.
  • Edit Quickly Anywhere: Small edits should be a quick thing, right? Thats why we make Edits available in-place. Everywhere.
  • Intelligently Explore Your MongoDB Data: Get the big picture when analysing the relevant stats for each data type. Dive into the deep detail when spotting outliers and anomalies in your data. Schema Discovery is a premium GUI feature for MongoDB
  • Manage Users and Their Roles: Managing your MongoDB users can be so easy. Our Users & Roles Management feature makes managing users and granting privileges a breeze.
  • Create Indexes: Need to speed up your queries? Visually creating indexes in Studio 3T makes it quick and easy.
  • Monitor Your Server: Get a clear, real-time visual overview of your server operations, with Pause and Resume functionality for quick snapshots.
  • Effortlessly Compare and Synchronise Your Data: Compare and synchronise different databases, collections and documents in MongoDB from the comfort of an intuitive GUI. Use the knowledge generated to gain insight into the differences in your
  • data, speed development, debug production issues, and better manage your deployments. Data Compare & Sync is a premium GUI feature for MongoDB available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Studio 3T.
  • Migrate Data With Confidence: We know data does not always come in the format that we need. Customised Import & Export easily fixes that.
  • See Behind the Scenes: Working with large amounts of complex data? Now you can analyse and make tweaks at each step of the Aggregation Pipeline.

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