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Deal Origination

We’re all about new business, adding new customers and expanding your market share. Our expert teams can support your growth aspirations in a number of ways. From our account managers working with customers on identifying new opportunities, and our renewals team spotting opportunities when contracts end, to our product managers providing expert technical knowledge, and our marketing team running targeted campaigns to drive awareness and demand.

  • Strong relationships
  • Upsell & cross-sell on renewals
  • Targeted marketing
  • Expert knowledge
  • Deal registration

Fast, Reliable and Responsive

With our hashtag #wedeliver you know speed of service is something we really pride ourselves on. Being fast, reliable and responsive is part of our DNA. Across all areas of our business we strive to support our resellers and publishers in delivering an exceptional experience for your customers. From quoting to delivery and product knowledge requests to renewal data. #wedeliver

  • 2 hours average quote time
  • 24 hour delivery
  • 2 days turnaround on sourced software
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Specialist product managers

Expert Software Advice

Our focus is specialist software and our expert teams offer years of experience and technical knowledge to support your sales efforts. Our commitment to providing the best customer experience means that you benefit from our understanding and analysis of the latest technologies and trends.

  • Software Specialist
  • Accredited Sales Team
  • Accredited Technical Team
  • 32 Years Experience
  • Regular Vendor Training

Marketing Expertise

Our marketing team provides expert advice and services to assist software publishers and resellers in creating new business opportunities and achieving growth. Experienced technology channel marketers with creative minds and an analytical approach, we can help you excite, motivate and engage your target audience to superpower your sales process.

  • Targeted communications
  • Content creation
  • Audience profiling
  • Event management
  • Brand building

Proactive Renewals

Over 32 years, our specialist software renewals team has built up expertise to maximise renewal rates and identify new upsell and cross-sell opportunities when the user is actively looking to buy. Our dedicated renewals team works closely with account and product managers to ensure the success of your renewals-based business alongside other sales.

  • Maximising renewal rates
  • Renewal data
  • Upsell & cross-sell opportunities
  • Co-term expertise
  • Multi-year quote options

Range Management

Are you looking to expand your software business? With the move to cloud-based platforms and businesses looking to do more with less, many of your customers will be exploring new and alternative technologies to help solve business challenges. We can help you to deal with this demand and pro-actively go-to-market with an extended portfolio, whether that’s our complete range or focused categories from Security to Digital Workplace and Developer Tools to IT Management.

  • Expand your range
  • Access to thousands of publishers
  • Product training
  • Business development
  • Marketing support

Sourcing Globally

Are you seeing demand from your customers for non-core software, do your account managers approach you with lists of weirdware or tier 2/3/4 software? Good news! QBS Distribution has dedicated experts and years of experience in working with specialist software publishers. With over 9,000 publisher relationships and a commitment to sourcing any new publishers, we will save you time and money, while enabling your team to focus on strategic priorities.

  • Over 8,000 relationships
  • Dedicated sourcing team
  • Fast setup time
  • Contract arrangement
  • Financial management

Technical Enablement

Our experienced technical team is on hand to help provide support and pre-sales complementing support from software publishers’ own teams. Through our help desk, we offer fast, reliable and responsive support and answers to your technical queries.

  • Pre-sales
  • Scope of works
  • Alternative software recommendations
  • Post sales support
  • 2nd line technical support for publishers

Technology Integration

We simplify and optimise the procurement process by providing a range of useful data. From expanding your range with product and content feeds, and ensuring you have the latest pricing at your fingertips, to providing essentially information on-demand, we have the data to support your business growth.

  • Pricing feeds
  • Content provision
  • API integration
  • EDI
  • Customer portal


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