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PhotoPlus X8 from Serif is an image creation and editing software for digital photography

PhotoPlus X8 from Serif is an image creation and editing software for any enthusiast and those new to digital photography, whether at home, in school, an organisation or growing business.

PhotoPlus has the features you’ll need... from importing or creating pictures, through manipulating colours, making image adjustments, applying filter effects and so much more, all the way to final export. Built-in support for most modern digital cameras makes it easy to open your very own digital photos, either as JPG or as unprocessed raw images.

PhotoPlus also offers powerful on-computer post-shoot development, using Import Raw, where you're in full control of your raw image's white balance and exposure and can perform "blown" highlight recovery. For image corrections, adjustments, filter effects (including stunning artistic effects), or layer cutouts, try Lens Correction, PhotoFix, Filter Gallery and Cutout Studio, respectively.

New Features:

  • High DPI support: Windows display scaling is supported with automatic selection of suitably sized, sharp-looking buttons, controls and menus, so for very high-resolution displays, displays at a distance, or for those with impaired vision, PhotoPlus X8 will look better than ever.
  • Ultra-fast multi-threaded filter previews: A new filter engine gives exceptional performance when previewing and applying filters.
  • Colour Pickup Tool with Multiple Samplers: The tool now lets you add and position colour samplers at different locations on your image.
  • Info tab: The tab reports the colour values at your current cursor position and at one or more placed samplers. The cursor's X/Y co-ordinates are also reported.
  • Photo trimming: Crops your image by removing transparent areas at the image edge.
  • Placed photos: Add supplementary photos to your document directly into a non-destructive filter layer. This gives complete flexibility when using applied adjustments and effectsphotos can be replaced while keeping the adjustment/effect intact. With the option to scale the image, the feature is great for introducing extra photo content such as transparent overlays, textures and more.
  • Professional adjustments and controls: Pixel-based cropping, Transfer Colour adjustment for colour matching, HSL Dropper tools, 16 Bits/Channel plugin support
  • Creative effects: Extra blend modes, Faster Surface Blur, Defringe for removing pixel edging, More effects in Lab 8 or 16 Bits/Channel mode, Add Noise

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