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Parasoft C/C++ Test

Parasoft C/C++ Test

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Integrated product for automating a broad range of best practices to improve software development and quality for C and C++ coding.

Parasoft C++test is an integrated solution for automating a broad range of best practices proven to improve software development team productivity and software quality for C and C++. C++test facilitates:

  • Static analysis: Static code analysis, data flow static analysis, and metrics analysis
  • Peer code review process automation: Preparation, notification, and tracking
  • Unit testing: Unit test creation, execution, optimisation, and maintenance
  • Runtime error detection: Memory access errors, leaks, corruptions, and more

This provides teams a practical way to prevent, expose, and correct errors in order to ensure that their C and C++ code works as expected. To promote rapid remediation, each problem detected is prioritised based on configurable severity assignments, automatically assigned to the developer who wrote the related code, and distributed to his or her IDE with direct links to the problematic code and a description of how to fix it.


  • Policy Management
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Code Metrics
  • Code Review
  • Unit Test Framework
  • Embedded Testing
  • Memory Error Detection
  • Reporting

For embedded and cross-platform development, C++test can be used in both host-based and target-based code analysis and test flows.

Parasoft's customers, including 58% of the Fortune 500, rely on C++test for:

  • Preventing errors that compromise security, reliability, and performance
  • Complying with internal or regulatory quality initiatives
  • Ensuring consistency across large teams
  • Increasing productivity by automating tedious yet beneficial development practices
  • Successfully implementing popular development methods like TDD, Agile, and XP

Available Editions:

Professional Edition:
A completely integrated tool suite that enables developers/testers to perform automated code analysis (with built-in coding standards/rules and any custom rules developed in the Architect Edition) and automated unit testing (with automatically-generated and user-defined test cases) from the desktop. Tests that scan multiple classes/files/directories can be performed directly from the development environment, with results immediately reported in the GUI for review/repair. Additionally, problems identified by Server Edition tests can be imported into the GUI for review/repair. The Professional edition is intended to be installed and licensed on every developer and tester desktop.

Architect Edition:
Includes the Professional Edition functionality, and adds the RuleWizard module, which enables the creation of custom coding standards/rules using a graphical interface. The Architect Edition is intended for use by an architect or the individual responsible for establishing coding standards for the organisation.

Server Edition:
Includes the Architect Edition functionality, and adds support for performing automated code analysis and unit testing as batch or server processes. The provided command-line interface can test the complete project code base and be integrated into the automated build process. Results are written to customisable reports, which can be easily accessed by team members. Additionally, developers and QA can import Server Edition test results into the desktop GUI for review/repair.

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