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oXygen XML Editor
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Complete XML development platform with support for all major XML related standards. The editing area consists of three tabs: the text based editing tab, the XML grid editor and the WYSIWYG XML editor tab.

oXygen XML Editor is a complete XML editing solution, both for XML developers and content authors. It provides must have tools for XML editing, covering most XML standards and technologies. oXygen XML Editor includes all the features of oXygen XML Developer and Author.

Audio and video content in DITA is now fully supported. oXygen XML Editor 18.1 allows you to insert media objects, play audio and display video directly in the Author visual editing mode and includes updates to the publishing workflow to handle video and audio objects in the output. A new Markdown editor allows you to easily write, preview and convert Markdown content into HTML or DITA and you can use Markdown-encoded topics in DITA maps. When validating a DITA map, oXygen is also able to validate Markdown documents and transform them in the publishing stage.

oXygen XML Editor - Features

Key Features:

  • NEW in DITA: Fast Create Multiple Topics at Once, DITA Reusable Components View, convert between DITA Topic Types, introducing Chemistry - Built-in CSS-based PDF Processor for Publishing DITA to PDF, Master Files Support for DITA, improved DITA Map Validation, content Completion for IDs in Text Mode
  • NEW in DocBook: Support for DocBook 5.1, Publish Tracked Changes and Comments to PDF Output, Multimedia Support in DocBook
  • NEW in Markdown Editor: Improved Markdown DITA Profile, See the Structure in the DITA and HTML Preview
  • NEW in Visual Author Editor: Create Custom Form Controls Using HTML and JavaScript, User-Defined Placeholders
  • NEW in WebHelp: Search Auto-Completion, Phrase Search Support, Improved Sorting for Search Results, Show Missing Terms for Search Results, Search Results Pagination, Moved from WebHelp Mobile to WebHelp Responsive
  • NEW in Other: Drag&Drop or Copy/Paste to Reference Media Files in DITA, DocBook and XHTML, 3-Way Directory Comparison Tool Redesigned, Automatic Spell Checking in Review Comments, Shorter Startup Time, Improved Editing Support for Java Properties Files, Support for Media Objects in XHTML
  • NEW in API: Set the Default Action for Double-Clicking Callouts, Get Application Name and Type, Custom Attributes Editor API Improvements, Provide Actions to be Contributed in Content Completion, Create UI Tables Similar to the Ones in oXygen, Notification when URLs and Files are Pasted/Dropped in Text Mode, Group Actions in a Drop-Down Menu Button, Get License Registration Name, Results Panel Manager
  • NEW in Component Updates: Exist 3.0, Saxon Updated to, DITA OT 2.4.4, DITA For Publishers Plugins Updated to 1.0.0RC26, DocBook XSLT Stylesheets 1.79.2, EpubCheck 4.0.2, DITA OT OOXML Plugin 1.2, Calabash 1.1.15, jQuery 3.1.1, XSpec 0.5.0, Neko 1.9.22, Apache Ant 1.9.8, Markdown Plugin for DITA OT 1.2.3, TEI Schemas 3.1.0 / TEI Stylesheets 7.42.0
  • Single-Source Publishing: Preset and configurable scenarios are one click away, allowing you to produce outputs in PDF, ePUB, HTML and many other formats, using the same source.
  • Single-Source Publishing: The XML Editor offers preset and configurable scenarios that are one click away, allowing you to produce outputs in PDF, ePUB, HTML and many other formats using the same source.
  • Structured XML Editing: The most intuitive XML editing features and a user-friendly interface, helping you to improve the results of your work with oXygen XML Editor.
  • XML Publishing Frameworks: oXygen XML Editor includes ready-to-use support for DITA, DocBook, XHTML and TEI frameworks.
  • Extensibility: Take advantage of unmatched extensibility support and enhance the built-in XML publishing frameworks of the XML Editor, or even create your own frameworks.
  • Connectivity: The powerful connectivity support of the XML Editor allows you to interact with the majority of XML databases, content management systems and WebDAV.
  • Collaboration: oXygen allows you to collaborate with other authors more efficient than ever using the XML Editor's tracking tools, subversion repository client and compare and merge solutions.
  • Intelligent XML Editor: XML editing is more effective than ever with the help of intelligent actions and features designed to be intuitive, responsive and easy to use.
  • XML Validation: Make sure your XML documents are "well-formed" and valid, using as-you-type validation support and context-sensitive editing capabilities of the XML Editor.
  • XML Databases Support: oXygen XML Editor can perform XQuery and XPath queries against a native XML database, through a connection to the database server. A dedicated collection of database exploring views are grouped together in a database perspective layout.
  • All XML Standards Support: Take advantage of the dedicated editors that oXygen XML Editor offers, covering all XML standards. The specialised views and operations of each editor offer support to edit XML Schemas, XSLT stylesheets, WSDL, RelaxNG and XQuery files.
  • XSLT & XQuery Debugging: The XML Editor offers a powerful XSLT and XQuery debugger that provides full control over the debugging process. Two dedicated perspectives are available, one for XSLT and one for XQuery debugging. Both offers specialised views and actions that allow you to troubleshoot and perfect your documents.
  • Web Services Support in oXygen XML Editor: The advanced WSDL editor helps you edit WSDL documents offering content completion capabilities, a specialised Outline view and support for generating documentation. You can easily verify if the defined SOAP messages are accepted by the remote Web Services server using the XML editor's WSDL SOAP Analyser integrated tool.

oXygen XML Editor - System Requirements

System Requirements for Windows:

  • Requirements Windows 32-bit:
    • Minimum hardware configuration is Intel Pentium III class CPU with 1 GB of RAM and 400 MB of free disk space.
    • Recommended hardware configuration is dual core CPU with 4 GB of RAM.
    • The supported operating systems are Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and their corresponding server counterparts.
  • Notes Windows 64-bit:
    • You may encounter difficulties using some third-party database drivers/plugins with native libraries that do not support the 64-bit architecture. If you do, you should install and use the Windows 32-bit kit of oXygen.
    • The 64-bit edition of oXygen has a slightly larger memory footprint than the 32-bit edition due to the nature of the 64-bit architecture and JVM. Only use the 64-bit edition if you have plenty of RAM, work with very large files and need the ability to use the extra memory.
  • Requirements Windows 64-bit:
    • Minimum hardware configuration is Intel/AMD 64-bit CPU with 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended) and 400 MB free disk space.
    • The Windows 64-bit kit of oXygen can only be installed and ran on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
    • The supported operating systems are: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit and their corresponding server counterparts.

System Requirements for Mac OS X:

  • Supports Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11) and Sierra (10.12).
  • On macOS Sierra (10.12) Oxygen requires the option System Preferences > Security & Privacy, Allow apps downloaded from to be set to App Store and identified developers during the installation phase.
  • If Oxygen fails to start on macOS Sierra (10.12), you should clear the quarantine flag from its folder by running this command in a Terminal (you will be prompted to enter your password due to sudo):
    sudo xattr -dr "/Applications/Oxygen XML Editor"
  • Minimum hardware configuration is Intel Mac with 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) and 1 GB free disk space.

System Requirements for Linux:

  • Minimum hardware configuration is Intel Pentium III class system with 1 GB of RAM and 400 MB free disk space.
  • Recommended hardware configuration is dual core CPU with 4 GB of RAM.
  • oXygen may work very well with JVM implementations from other vendors than Oracle/Sun but if there are incompatibilities then they will not be fixed in future oXygen releases.
  • oXygen does not work with the GNU libgcj Java virtual machine.


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