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oXygen XML Developer

oXygen XML Developer
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A simple and intelligent interface for XML Schema editing for developers. oXygen XML Developer is derived from the oXygen XML Editor IDE.

oXygen XML Developer is the class leading tool dedicated to XML development, focusing on XML source editing, Schema designer and XSLT editing/debugging. It offers powerful support to help you edit, transform and debug XML based documents, making XML development easy and effective. A WSDL editor is also available, providing a specialised Content Completion Assistant and Outliner, along with many other helpful features.

Key Features:

  • NEW Improved Markdown DITA Profile.
  • NEW in XSLT: Convert Between Multiple xsl:if and xsl:choose, XSLT Code Quality Assurance, improved Error Localisation in XPath Expressions, improved Refactoring Support for XSLT, tool to Compile XSL Stylesheet Export Files, Debugger Views are Dockable.
  • NEW in WebHelp: Search Auto-Completion, Phrase Search Support, improved Sorting for Search Results, show Missing Terms for Search Results, Search Results Pagination, moved from WebHelp Mobile to WebHelp Responsive.
  • NEW in Other: 3-Way Directory Comparison Tool Redesigned, automatic Spell Checking in Review Comments, shorter Startup Time, improved Editing Support for Java Properties Files
    NEW in API: Get Application Name and Type, custom Attributes Editor API Improvements, Provide Actions to be Contributed in Content Completion, Create UI Tables Similar to the Ones in oXygen, Notification when URLs and Files are Pasted/Dropped in Text Mode, Group Actions in a Drop-Down Menu Button, Get License Registration Name, Results Panel Manager
  • NEWin Component Updates: Exist 3.0, Saxon Updated to, DITA OT 2.4.4, DITA For Publishers Plugins Updated to 1.0.0RC26, DocBook XSLT Stylesheets 1.79.2, EpubCheck 4.0.2, DITA OT OOXML Plugin 1.2, Calabash 1.1.15, jQuery 3.1.1, XSpec 0.5.0, Neko 1.9.22, Apache Ant 1.9.8, Markdown Plugin for DITA OT 1.2.3, TEI Schemas 3.1.0 / TEI Stylesheets 7.42.0
  • Intelligent XML Editor: Edit XML documents more effectively than ever with the help of intelligent actions and features designed to be intuitive, responsive and easy to use.
  • XML Validation: Make sure your XML documents are consistently "well-formed" and valid, using oXygen's as-you-type validation support and context-sensitive editing capabilities.
  • XML Databases Support: Powerful connectivity support allows you to interact with the majority of XML databases, content management systems and WebDAV.
  • All XML Standards Support: Take advantage of oXygens dedicated editors, that encompass all XML standards. The specialised views and operations of each editor offers support to editing XML Schemas, XSLT stylesheets, WSDL,RNG and XQuery files.
  • XSLT & XQuery Debugging: oXygen offers a powerful XSLT and XQuery debugger that provides full control over the debugging process. Two dedicated perspectives are available, one for XSLT and one for XQuery debugging, both offering specialised views and actions that allow you to troubleshoot and perfect your documents.
  • Web Services Support: The advanced WSDL editor helps you edit WSDL documents, offering content completion capabilities, a specialised Outline view and support to generate documentation. You can easily verify if the defined SOAP messages are accepted by the remote Web Services server using oXygen's integrated WSDL SOAP Analyser tool.

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