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OmniGraffle is for creating precise, beautiful graphics. Like website wireframes, an electrical system design, a family tree, or mapping out software classes.

OmniGraffle is a comprehensive, yet easy to use diagramming and drawing application. Drag and drop to create wireframes, flow charts, network diagrams, UI mockups, family trees, office layouts and more. OmniGraffle 6 comes with a powerful standard feature set as well as allowing an in-application upgrade to the Professional feature set that adds Visio support, shared layers, presentation mode and more. Pro features in OmniGraffle for iOS are an In-App Purchase. On OS X, Pro features are unlocked with a different license and you can upgrade from Standard at any time.

Key Features:

  • Standard features: Document syncing with OmniPresence, Graphviz layout engine, Artistic fills, Bzier lines & shapes, Custom stencils and templates, Multi-page documents, Multi-canvas documents, Multi-layer documents, Unit scaling, Export, Smart guides, Linked resource folders, Spotlight search, Hardware keyboard shortcuts
  • Pro features:
    • AppleScript & Actions Support: Code up your own workflow with AppleScript support. And, with Actions, set up basic automation like hiding layers, switching to a different view or canvas and even running AppleScripts.
    • Resolution-independent creativity: For when youre designing for multiple screens, on multiple screens. When zoom is at 100%, match a screen pixel, Apple point or PostScript point. All your design work will look the same on all your displays.
    • Shared Layers: We probably dont need to explain this, but here we go! Set a layer to be shared with every other canvas. Changes on Canvas A will automatically appear on Canvas B.
    • Tables: Make an expandable table out of any shape. To add another row or column, just resize the object.
    • Shape Combinations: Combine, unite or subtract shapes from any other shape. OmniGraffle will automatically save the originals so you can always reverse and tweak.
    • Visio Support: Have a Microsoft Visio document or stencil you need to work on? Import nearly all Visio formats or export a Graffle file to Visio XML if someone is on a PC.
    • Object Properties Inspector: Store key:value pairs, insert links or add notes on any objectyoull be able to use them later for AppleScript, if youd like or to have a searchable Stencil. AppleScript support is only available on OS X.
    • Blending & Fill Patterns: Never again will you need to switch over to an image-editing app for a simple mask or blending filter. Youll find dead simple effects and filters right inside OmniGraffle.
    • Multiple Editing Windows: Side-by-side or one per screen, use multiple windows to see both the big picture and tiny, zoomed details.
    • Pro Export Options: All the standards, like PNG, PDF and JPEG. Plus extras like SVG, Photoshop (with layers!) and Visio for both Mac and iOS.
    • Object Geometry Controls: Get really specific with X- and Y-coordinates on any point on any object!
    • Subgraph Support: Use subgraphs to hide content you dont always needor to make huge graphs more manageablebehind a collapsible or expandable object. Its there, but tidy.
    • Presentation Mode: Show off your work with a fullscreen, chromeless view into your Graffle diagram.

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