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/n software IP*Works! (+SSL)

/n software IP*Works! (+SSL)

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Framework for internet development that is the core building block for most /n software products. It comprises programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending e-mail, transferring files and managing networks.

IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development and is the core building block for most /n software products. IP*Works! eliminates the complexity of Internet development, providing easy-to-use, programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the Web, consuming Web Services, etc.

Key Features:

  • All Major Internet Protocols: Components for FTP, HTTP, SMTP, ODATA, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, RSS, SMS, Jabber, SOAP, WebDav, JSON and XML
  • Uniform & Extensible Design: Very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive and extensible design. Common component interfaces across platforms and technologies
  • Technical Support: Backed by an expert team of support professionals. Unlimited, free Email support or paid Premium Support options
  • Blazing Performance: Based on an optimised asynchronous socket architecture that has been actively refined for more than a decade
  • Fully Integrated Components: Native software components for any supported development technology, with no dependencies on external libraries
  • Other Features: Detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications and fully indexed help files

/n software IP*Works! (+SSL) - Features

IP*Works! is a robust framework including more than 40 enterprise-class controls, IP*Works! Version 8.0 enables rapid integration of any major Internet communications protocol or technology including: FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, RSS/ATOM, SMPP(SMS), XMPP (Jabber), SOAP, REST, WebDav, and more!

IP*Works! Version 8.0 Product Details

The latest evolution of the most comprehensive suite of Internet communications components for professional developers has arrived!

IP*Works! V8 represent a substantial leap forward in design, performance, and new functionality. Design features like native streams and object collections sit on top of a highly-evolved code base, updated and optimized for each individual supported development technology. In addition, enterprise features like IPv6 addressing and support for 64-bit architectures have been enabled to make your connectivity application compatible with current and future technologies.

This is a short list of some of the new and exciting component updates available in IP*Works! V8:

  • ATOM - New ATOM client component supporting ATOM feed retrieval and publishing.
  • REST - New component implements a standard REST client, facilitating access to REST style web services such as those from Amazon and eBay.
  • DNS - Naming Authority Pointer (NAPTR) support and support for Reverse DNS lookups.
  • FTP/TFTP - Upload/Download Files to/from memory without writing to disk. FTP clear data channel support (PROT C).
  • HTTP/WebUpload - Upload/Download Files to/from memory without writing to disk.
  • IPPort/IPDaemon - Facilitated file and data transfer through easy to use methods like 'SendFile' etc.
  • LDAP - Support for search result references. Easily move and copy DN's. Support for LDAP referrals.
  • Mime - Parse mime headers without decoding entire mime entities.
  • NetClock - Support for Simple Network Time Protocol providing greater time precision.
  • Ping - Send custom ping packet and change max datagram size.
  • RSS - RSS 2.0 extensions and OPML support. HTTP cookie handling and automatic HTTP redirect following. Load RSS from memory. Support for in memory RSS XML manipulation. If-modified-since handling.
  • SMPP - SMPP receive capabilities enable the component to poll SMPP servers for messages.
  • XMPP - Support for Jabber extensions, additional contact parameters, and SASL authentication.
  • XMLp - Expanded Xpath navigation and support for easily retrieving xml sub-trees.
  • HTTP Based Components - HTTP Compression & NTLM Authentication Support.

In addition to new components and new features, streams are a powerful addition to the new IP*Works! V8 release. Native input and output streams have been added to those IP*Works! components that would benefit from them. As a developer this gives you unprecedented flexibility and ease of use when integrating Internet communications features into your applications.

Collections have also been enabled across the entire suite of Version 8.0 components. Collections can be used to populate the IP*Works! components before calling methods, or more commonly, will be populated with results after calling a method or performing some action. While in many situations collections provide an easier way to access component features, the IP*Works! event model has been maintained and is still an integral part of the overall product architecture enabling better responsiveness and fine grained control when required.

In addition to the new features and performance enhancements, the new IP*Works! product packages have been simplified, packing more value into each edition than ever before. The new .NET Edition not only extends the previous version of IP*Works! .NET, but also includes support for ASP.NET and the .NET Compact Framework. Likewise, the new IP*Works! V8 Java Edition includes both Java desktop and J2EE components optimized for server side development. Further consolidation of IP*Works! will occur in the coming months with the beta of a new Win32 edition supporting ActiveX, COM, Delphi, C++ Builder, C++ etc.


The following is a comprehensive list of the components included in IP*Works!. Please note that due to platform limitations, not all components are available for all supported product platforms.

ATOM - ATOM client component supporting supporting both feed retreival and publishing. (V8+)
DNS - Full featured DNS component supporting every major DNS record format, including: AAAA (IPv6), Mailbox (MB), Mailbox Rename (MR), etc.
FileMailer - The FileMailer control provides an easy way to send emails with file attachments.
FTP - Transfer files to and from FTP servers. Easy, plug and play, extensible interface.
HTMLMailer - An easy way to send HTML Mail including embedded images.
HTTP - Access the World Wide Web from your applications, including HTML forms.
ICMPPort - Easy access to the IP control layer. Base for utilities such as 'ping', 'traceroute', etc..
IMAP - Easy access to corporate mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange.
IPDaemon - Generic TCP server component. Asynchronous, event-driven architecture.
IPInfo - A collection of DNS and other database functions. Both direct and reverse DNS queries. (not available for Pocket PC)
IPMonitor - Network Monitor packet capturing and protocol analysis component (Supports Windows 2000 or Linux 2.2 and later Operating Systems).
IPPort - Generic TCP stream client component. Asynchronous architecture.
LDAP - Search, manage, and maintain Internet Directory (LDAP) servers.
MCast - Internet Multicast component. Asynchronous architecture. Use to build clients or servers.
MIME - Easily encode and decode MIME structures such as message attachments, file uploads, etc..
MX - Find email servers for a particular domain/address. Often used to verify email address input.
NetClock - The NetClock control provides the current (GMT) time from an Internet Time Server.
NetCode - A collection of popular encoding and decoding functions: Base64, UUencode, URL, etc..
NetDial - Easy access to the Windows RAS layer. Manages dialup connections. (Not Available for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, or Java.)
NNTP - Read, search, and post articles on Internet Newsgroups (USENET).
Ping - The Ping control encapsulates ICMP ECHO functionality
POP - Easy retrieval of Internet Mail. Implements the standard POP3 protocol.
RCP - The RCP control implements Remote Copy Protocol, used to transfer files between systems.
REST - Standard REST client, facilitating access to REST style web services such as those from Amazon and eBay. (V8+)
Rexec - Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc..
Rshell - Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc..
RSS - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) component. Used for creating, retrieving, and editing RSS feeds. Supports RSS 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.
SMPP - Short Message Peer-to-Peer client component. Used to send SMS cellular text messaging.
SMTP - Used to send Internet (SMTP) Mail. Standards-based and extensible.
SNPP - Send messages to alphanumeric pagers through standard Internet Paging Gateways.
SOAP - Generic SOAP client supporting SOAP 1.1. Built on top of the IP*Works! XML parser.
Syslog - Client and Server component capable of sending or receiving system log messages.
Telnet - Telnet client component. Easy to use, standards-based, flexible, powerful.
TFTP - The TFTPClient control is used to exchange files with TFTP servers via the TFTP protocol.
TraceRoute - The TraceRoute control allows you to trace the path IP packets take on the Internet.
UDPPort - Easy interface to UDP packet communications. Use to build clients or servers.
WebDav - WebDAV Client component for distributed web authoring, versioning, and collaboration.
WebForm - The WebForm control is used to POST data to interactive web pages or scripts.
WebUpload - The WebUpload control is used to upload files to web servers.
Whois - The Whois control allows you to query a WHOIS Server for Domain registration information.
XMLp - SAX2 compliant XML parser with support for XPath DOM traversal and XML structure validation.
XMPP - Lightweight XMPP (Jabber) Client for communicating with XML based Jabber Servers.


IP*Works! V8 .NET Edition
Fully-managed .NET components based on a 100% C# codebase, with no dependencies on outside native code. The edition of choice for fully-managed .NET applications.

  • Fully-managed .NET components written in C#.
  • Extensive demo applications for Winforms and WebForms (ASP.NET) written in VB.NET and C#.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • Support for x-copy deployment in ASP.NET.
  • Seamless integration with popular development environments including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Borland products.
  • Single assembly, or smaller individual component assemblies (full version only) for compact deployment.
  • Support for version 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

IP*Works! V8 Java Edition
Pure JavaBeans for Internet Programming. The very same components as in other editions of IP*Works!, translated in Pure Java for extreme portability across platforms.

  • Pure Java Beans
  • Includes and extensive library of pure Java demo applications.
  • J2EE version is optimized for sever side development.
  • Seamless integration with popular development environments including Borland JBuilder and Eclipse.

IP*Works! V8 ActiveX/COM Edition
ActiveX Controls optimized for the Internet. Smaller, faster, and without dependencies on external libraries. The edition of choice for distributed ActiveX or COM supported Internet applications.

  • 32-bit ActiveX Controls built with ATL.
  • Can be used from any environment that supports ActiveX including Visual Basic, VBScript, MS Office (Access, Excel etc.), Paradox, Clarion, Visual FoxPro, and more.
  • Extensive demo applications for Visual Basic (VB4, VB5, and VB6)
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.

IP*Works! V6 C++ Edition
C++ classes packaged in a 32 bit Windows DLL. The version of choice for C++ programming. The same IP*Works! code as in our other editions, now available for C/C++ programming without the overhead of OLE2 interfaces.

  • 32-bit C++ class libraries (windows DLL's)
  • Extensive console demo applications.
  • Seamless integration with popular development environments including Microsoft Visual C++.

IP*Works! V6 Delphi Edition
Native Delphi VCLs & VCL.NET Components for Borland Delphi with no external dependencies. It features the same trustworthy components that come with other editions, available as native Delphi VCLs for real Delphi performance.

  • Native Delphi VCL's & VCL.NET Components
  • VCL code will compile for Kylix (all you have to do is define LINUX in Project\Options\Conditional...)
  • Extensive Delphi demo applications.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • Support for Borland Delphi 6, 7, 2007, BDS 2005, BDS 2006, and BDS 2007.

IP*Works! V6 C++ Builder Edition
Native Borland C++ Builder VCLs, written in C++ and compiled with the C++ Builder compiler for blazing performance. The natural choice for C++ Builder programming.

  • Native C++ Builder VCL's
  • Extensive C++ Builder demo applications.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • Support for Borland C++ Builder 5, 6, BDS 2006, and BDS 2007.

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Ipswitch Collaboration Suite - System Requirements

Single Server:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or 2003 Server
  • Pentium III 500 MHz or higher processor (multiple processors recommenced for high mail traffic rates)
  • 256 MB RAM minimum
  • Static IP address with properly configured TCP/IP connection
  • Network Interface Card configured to use TCP/IP
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
  • Broadband connection to the Internet.

See the Readme file for different configurations.

IMail Anti-virus Premium Server:

Runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and 2003 Server but can be installed on a separate machine from other components.

Client Requirements

Instant Messaging client and WorkGroupShare client:

  • Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000 Professional, NT or XP
  • Pentium 350 MHz or equivalent processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 10 MB available hard disk space
  • Properly configured TCP/IP connection
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later (not required for Instant Messaging).

WorkgroupShare does not work with Microsoft Outlook Express.

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