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Leo Backup

Leo Backup

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A program designed for Windows and intended for backing up data in various locations, including secure servers (SFTP and FTP/SSL) and network drives.

Leo Backup is a program designed for Windows and intended for backing up data in various locations, including secure servers (SFTP and FTP/SSL) and network drives. Effective file protection and access verification options also let users keep your network and data intact and maintain a stable and secure company management.

Main Features Include:


  • SFTP and FTP SSL/TLS support: Both protocols encrypt the passwords and files before transferring, guaranteeing files remain totally intact.
  • Private /Public Key authorisation: Secure authorisation methods allow the back-up requests only after the credentials have been checked, so data and network are inviolable.
  • File encryption: Blowfish’s security has been extensively tested and proven world-wide. Users can apply the Blowfish encryption to ensure their back-up and that no one but them is able to access the data.
  • User Interface password protection.
Corporate Usage:
  • Active Directory impersonation: Users can manage the backup cooperation through the domains systems- the program provides users with flexible arrangement of the company accounts credentials.
  • Special scripting (COM support): Users can adjust the program functionality to the particular company policy.
  • Unlimited Back-up Sets: Users can create and manage any amount of back-up sets. The program has no limitation with data maintenance, so users can easily categorise files properly and create as many sets as needed.
  • Customised versions of Leo Backup.
Automatic backup:
  • Service mode support: Leo Backup can work as a system application. The benefit is that the backup job is processed, even if another user connects to the system at that moment or when no one is logged on. This is particularly suitable for scheduled tasks to be executed even when users are offline and also for backing up the stand alone servers.
  • Flexible scheduler: Users can define the proper plan and run the backup and restore automatically.
  • Program/process conjunction: Combine the backup process with commonly used programs’ functionality. Users can specify the proper executable file and then that program will be launched according to the backup running: before or after it.
  • Reporting service: Users are notified of the backup results by an e-mail message.
Special backup management:
  • Timestamps: Users can automatically mark the particular folder for backed up files: it will help to avoid the large data accumulation due to frequent backup and tangled assortment of files and folders.
  • Compression: To preserve storage space users can apply ZIP compression for backups.
  • Files filtering: To make backup faster and clearer, users can apply the Filter option: all marked file-types will be excluded from their kit.
  • Registry Backup: The registry stores the data in a structured hierarchy of keys, sub keys and named values. Incorrectly editing the registry may severely damage systems. Leo Backup gives users the one-click option to reliably back up Registry files.

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