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Parasoft .TEST - Features


  • Static analysis of code for compliance with user-selected coding standards
  • Graphical RuleWizard editor for creating custom coding rules
  • Static code path simulation for identifying potential runtime errors
  • Streamlined code review process with a graphical interface and progress tracking
  • Automated generation and execution of unit tests
  • Flexible stub framework for use in unit tests
  • Full support for regression testing
  • Code coverage analysis with code highlighting
  • Full team deployment infrastructure for desktop and command line usage
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
TEST is available in the following editions:

Professional Edition:

A completely integrated tool suite that enables developers/testers to perform automated code analysis (with built-in coding standards/rules and any custom rules developed in the Architect Edition) and automated unit testing (with automatically-generated and user-defined test cases) from the desktop. Tests that scan multiple classes/files/directories can be performed directly from the development environment, with results immediately reported in the GUI for review/repair. Additionally, problems identified by Server Edition tests can be imported into the GUI for review/repair. The Professional edition is intended to be installed and licensed on every developer and tester desktop.

Architect Edition:

Includes the Professional Edition functionality, and adds the RuleWizard module, which enables the creation of custom coding standards/rules using a graphical interface. The Architect Edition is intended for use by an architect or the individual responsible for establishing coding standards for the organization.

Server Edition:

Includes the Professional Edition functionality, and adds support for performing automated code analysis and unit testing as batch or server processes. The provided command-line interface can test the complete project code base and be integrated into the automated build process. Results are written to customizable reports, which can be easily accessed by team members and automatically e-mailed to designated recipients. Additionally, developers and QA can import Server Edition test results into the desktop GUI for review/repair. The Server Edition also provides:

The Team Configuration Manager (TCM) module: Enables centralized administration and sharing of coding standards/rule sets, unit testing configurations, and test assets. TCM is designed for development teams that want to ensure consistency in test practices across the team. When TCM is implemented team-wide, the architect/lead developer can configure and upload standard team-wide test settings/configurations/files, then TCM will automatically share them across all team .TEST installations. TCM may be installed and run on any supported computer system (e.g. one of the developers' workstations, the server hosting a Parasoft Server Edition product, or an independent system). The Code Review module: Automates preparation, notification, and tracking of peer code reviews, addresses the known shortcomings of this very powerful development practice. .TEST automatically identifies updated code by scanning the source control system, matches the code with designated reviewers, and tracks the progress of each review item until closure. With the Code Review module, teams can establish a bulletproof review processwhere all new code gets reviewed and all identified issues are resolved. BugDetective: A new type of static analysis technology that uses several analysis techniques, including simulation of application execution paths, to identify paths that could trigger runtime defects. Defects detected include NullReferenceExceptions, resource leaks, SQL injections, and other security vulnerabilities.

New feature for .Test version 5.0

.Test now has the ability to trace a running application and create functional NUnit tests. In addition to this, it is possible to call those unit tests from with in a running application, very often without having to modify that application.

For example, say you are developing an application that adds additional functionality to Microsoft Officea plug-in. Since your application builds upon and interacts with Microsoft Office, it doesnt make much sense to test it in isolation from Microsoft Office. Either the tests would be meaningless, or an incredible amount of tedious setup would be required to establish a realistic testing environment.

With .TEST 5.0, its easy to test such applications. .TEST can automatically set up the actual application execution environment and launch tests from it. In the case of our example, this means launching Microsoft Office, and then running the unit tests once that environment is set up correctly (for example, a new file is created).

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Parasoft .TEST - System Requirements

Hardware and software required

  • Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server
  • 1GB memory minimum, 2GB recommended
  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio .NET 2003

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