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Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF

Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF
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Infragistics WPF Controls provide users with hierarchical grids, carousels, charts, ribbon UI, panels, editors, docking controls, combo boxes and more.

Infragistics WPF includes controls for application development. It includes business and financial analytics, data grids, Touch UI, Office Ribbons, OneNote-inspired radial menus, pivot grids, charts and scheduling features.

From the fastest data grids to dynamic data visualisation, find the time-saving controls you need with Infragistics's lightning-fast, touch-friendly WPF controls. Bring modern, engaging apps for desktop and touch-screen devices to market while shortening development time.

Key Features:

  • Data Grid: Provides superior versatility and performance when editing, sorting, filtering, and grouping, Show hierarchical data relationships (such as master-detail records) in a table format
  • Data Chart: Render charts with millions of data points capable of millisecond updates with blazing speed, High-performance data visualization and analysis on large volumes of data
  • Doc Manager: Allow users to manage their user interface, Enable dynamic reconfiguration of users workspaces, Docking inspired by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Ribbon: Optimal for organizing and enabling a configurable experience, Inspired by Windows themes, Ribbon represents visual information intuitively and with ease
  • Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel-inspired control allows you to embed Excel document creation and editing experiences right into your application
  • Test Automation: Experience fully automated testing of your WPF applications with Infragistics test automation tools, Integrates seamlessly with HP UFT
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