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HttpWatch Professional

HttpWatch Professional

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A plug-in that integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers for viewing HTTP traffic that is triggered when a web page is accessed

HttpWatch is an HTTP sniffer for IE, Firefox, iPhone & iPad that provides new insights into how your website loads and performs.

Key Features:

  • Web Page Debugging: Debug the network traffic generated by a web page directly in the browser without having to switch to a separate tool
  • Performance Tuning: Accurately measure the network performance of a web page and view opportunities for boosting its speed
  • Simple No-Proxy Setup: No extra configuration or proxies are required - even with encrypted HTTPS traffic!
  • Security Testing: Quickly find weak SSL configurations and other security related issues on your web server
  • Free Log File Sharing: Anyone can use the free Basic Edition to send you full log files to help you remotely diagnose errors or performance issues
  • Automated HTTP Testing: Use the HttpWatch API to collect performance data from your automated web site tests

HttpWatch Professional - Features

New Features in Version 5.2

  • Clear Cookies and the Browser Cache
    A new Tools menu provides commands for clearing cookies and the cache.
  • General Options
    The General Options dialog provides control over the use of shortcut keys, confirmation of clearing and whether the log is cleared for each new recording session.
  • Recording Options
    HttpWatch can now be configured to automatically record and save log files with no manual intervention or programming. Log files are written out to a specified directory at regular intervals or when IE closes.
  • Automation Support for Auto-Recording, Cache and Cookie Clearing
    The Plugin automation interface has been extended so that cookies and cache entries can now be programmatically cleared. Automatic recording and saving of log files can also be configured through the automation interface.
  • Improved Performance and Memory Usage
    HttpWatch now has a smaller memory footprint and improved performance when recording large numbers of requests.

New Features in VersionNew in Version 5.1

  • Improved Support for International Characters
    • Page titles, query strings and POST parameters now show international characters
    • The content window now detects and supports commonly used character encodings
    • The XML and CSV export files now support UTF8 encoding
  • Page Grouping Added to Automation Interface and XML/CSV Export Files
    The CSV and XML export files now have page grouping information.
  • Request Level timings Added to Automation Interface and XML Export
    Request level timings (e.g. Connect, Send, Wait etc.) have been added to the automation interface and XML export file.
  • Summary Data Added to Automation Interface
    Summary information (e.g. number of roundtrips, bytes received/sent, etc.) for individual pages or the whole log can now be accessed through the automation interface.

New Features in Version 5

  • Grouping Of Requests By Page
    Requests are now grouped by page as shown below. Each page group can be separately expanded or collapsed to aid navigation through large log files.
  • Real-Time Page Level Time Charts
    Page level time charts are displayed and updated in real-time as you record requests in HttpWatch. This gives a direct, visual indication of how a site is performing - allowing common problems to be diagnosed at a glance.
  • Real-Time Page Level Summaries
    Page level summaries are now displayed and dynamically updated when a page group is selected or collapsed.
  • Request Level Time Charts
    The time chart displayed for each request is broken down into a number of colored sections to show network level timings such as DNS lookup and TCP connects.
  • Flexible Display Options
    The View menu controls how the list of requests is displayed.
  • Smaller Log Files
    The log files recorded by version 5 contain more information, but are up to 75% smaller.

Edition Comparison

Features Basic Edition Professinal Edition

Demonstrates the capabilities of HttpWatch Professional and can be used to exchange HTTP log files with your customers and suppliers.

The full unrestricted version of HttpWatch that can be used to view HTTP log files collected with the free Basic Edition.

Plug-in for Interne

HttpWatch Professional - System Requirements

Operating Systems Supported

Vista, Windows 2000, XP or Windows 2003 Server with Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

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