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Hex-Rays Decompiler

Hex-Rays Decompiler
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IDA has an open architecture, which can be used by third-parties to extend and build on it. Our second product, the Hex-Rays Decompiler is an example of such extension. The decompiler speeds up analysis or more.

Hex-Rays is a decompiler that transforms binary applications into a high level readable text. Unlike disassemblers, which perform the same task at a lower level, the decompiler output is concise, closer to the standard way programmers use to write applications. This alone can save hours of work because analysts mentally map the disassembly output to high-level concepts.

Hex-Rays comes with one year of technical support by email, free bugfixes and updates. At the end of the support period you will be entitled to a substantial discount for the next support period.

Key Features:

  • Concise: requires less time to read it
  • Structured: program logic is more obvious
  • Dynamic: variable names and types can be changed on the fly
  • Familiar: no need to learn the assembly language

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