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Chant ProfileKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components that backup and restore, activate, create, delete, and train end user profiles with standard or custom scripts to enhance speech recognition accuracy.

Chant ProfileKit handles the complexities of managing profiles and persisting them in files for backup and recovery.

It simplifies the process of managing profiles for Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft SAPI 5, Microsoft Speech Platform, and Nuance VoCon recognisers. You can backup and restore, activate, create, delete, and train profiles as needed within your application to adapt to the end user.

ProfileKit includes C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, .NET Framework, and Silverlight class library formats to support all your programming languages and sample projects for popular IDEssuch as the latest Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

The class libraries can be integrated with 32-bit, 64-bit, and embedded applications.

Key Features:

  • Create and delete speaker profiles on demand
  • Train speaker profiles
  • Backup and restore speaker profiles for ensuring maximum recognition accuracy and reliability

ProEssentials - Features

ProEssentials is a combination of five charting components:

  • Graph Object
  • Scientific Graph Object
  • 3D Scientific Graph Object
  • Polar / Smith / Rose Object
  • Pie Chart Object

Delivering a huge depth in features via each of the following interfaces:

Interfaces Included... Walk-throughs
.NET (WinForm) VB.Net C#.Net C++.Net
ASP.NET (WebForm) VB Asp.Net C# Asp.Net  
ActiveX VB6 Asp IIS  
DLL Win32    
VCL Delphi    

ProEssentials is highly accepted as the leading charting tool for engineering, manufacturing, financial, and handling larger data-sets due to ProEssentials' superior speed, quantity of features, and attention to rendering and end-user detail.

ProEssentials v6 is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005, 2003, and 2002, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0 and Delphi/Builder.

This product is much like a subscription and delivers the latest ActiveX, .NET (Windows Forms), ASP.NET (Web Forms), DLL, and VCL interfaces, new releases, updates, improvements, and phone/email/online support. So when you purchase Gigasoft ProEssentials, you will get access to all updates and upgrades until Gigasoft stop supporting changes/improvements.

ProEssentials is easy to distribute with a no-hassle generous distribution license. Client side deployment is Royalty Free. For web development, the ProEssentials product allows for placing ProEssentials’ redistributables on one production server, one test server, and one development server.

Electronic documentation is available on the web at as well as locally on your development system. Chapter 1 is the ultimate product overview that will bridge the gap between this content and the actual programming reference. Walk-Throughs get you started in areas of WinForm development, WebForm development, VB6 ActiveX development, ASP ActiveX development, Win32 DLL development, and VCL Delphi development. There are plenty of examples showing how features are used in conjunction to produce highly interactive and quality data visualization.

ProEssentials v6 has impressive logic. Our featured online interactive web demo has been updated and the charts are being built with .NET WebForm and version 6 technology. You'll note gradient bars and drop-shadow effects behind everything, including all text. You can print, maximize, and export images and data right within the browser. Check it out at Version 6's Pie Chart control has been improved (again) and now offers three algorithms to prevent text from overlapping. Our Pie Chart now holds some of our most complex logic producing intelligent label placement as close to the slice as possible while utilizing control real-estate perfectly. Honestly, no other Pie Chart even comes close to this quality and attention to detail. Open-High-Low-Close and Candle-Stick features have also been completely rewritten to produce the highest quality output independent of the quantity of data and size of chart. If you run our v6 demo, look at example 030 (the default example), right click it and customize it by removing data shadows. Then zoom in on about 60 candlesticks. Next size the MDI child downward slowly. You'll see five different drawing algorithms as the chart is reduced in size until a candlestick is represented with a one pixel wide vertical line. It's this attention to detail and other similar logic which proves ProEssentials to be the best image producer in the market. Especially for date related charting as ProEssentials' DateTime logic is also the best in the market.

ProEssentials comes in three strengths, Pro, Standard, and Lite.

Differences in Pro, Standard, and Lite version...

The Standard and Lite versions have all the features and interfaces as our Pro version. All versions include WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, VCL, and DLL interfaces. All versions include 1000 plus properties, methods, and events. The only difference between the Standard and Lite is the quantity of data points and annotations that can be rendered.

The Standard version is limited to 8000 data points and 800 annotations. The Lite version is limited to 1000 data points and 100 annotations. This limit is per instance of a control. You can have multiple controls running and each with the above limitation.

For example, 8000 data points could represent a 3D surface plot with 88 rows by 88 columns producing 7744 polygons. Or, a Scientific Graph can have 4 axes, with one subset per axis, each axis/subset plotting 2000 points for a total of 8000 data points.

(Number of Subsets) times (Number of Points-per-Subset) <= 8000 or 1000

The Pro version is unlimited and includes unlimited technical support. We will offer unlimited support on Lite and Standard versions unless support demands significantly increase for these versions. At which point GigaSoft may charge a support fee for the Lite and Standard versions.

iGrafx Process - System Requirements

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for installing and running iGrafx are:

  • Pentium II processor 350MHz or greater
  • Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows 2000
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 (SP2) or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 800X600 16-bit color display (1024X768, 16-bit color recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse or other pointing device

The destination drive and directory may be specified during installation. However, some disk space on the drive where Windows resides, typically the "C" drive, will be used regardless of the drive specified. The approximate total disk space requirements (in Megabytes) are:

Install Type

Drive C

Specified Drive (if different from Drive C)






Custom (depends on selections)




Additional requirements for specific features are listed below:

Org chart Import and Export and VSM Export
  • Import/Export Microsoft Access Database
  • Requires Microsoft Access 2000 or later
  • Import/Export Microsoft Excel data
  • Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later
  • Import Microsoft Outlook data
  • Requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later
Publishing to Adobe Acrobat format
  • Acrobat Reader Version 7 or later is recommended

Publishing to Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Office 2000 or later
iGrafx Process for Six Sigma Analysis Features
  • MINITAB 14.13 or later or JMP 5.1 or later

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