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Chant GrammarKit is comprised of tools for editing, compiling, and persisting grammars to distribute with your applications and application ready software components to dynamically generate and compile grammars as part of your deployed applications.

Chant GrammarKit handles the complexities of generating, compiling, and persisting the compiled grammar binary.

It simplifies the process of managing grammars declared with Microsoft SAPI 5 XML Grammar, Nuance BNF+ (VoCon 3200), Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF), W3C SRGS ABNF, and W3C SRGS XML grammar syntax to use with your favorite speech recogniser.

GrammarKit includes C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, .NET Framework, and Silverlight class libraries to support all your programming languages and provides sample projects for popular IDEssuch as the latest Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

The class libraries can be integrated with 32-bit, 64-bit, and embedded applications.

Key Features:

  • Generate syntax-independent and -specific grammars
  • Compile grammar source from buffer, file, resource, stream, and string formats
  • Persist compiled grammar binary to buffer, file, and stream formats
  • Generate pronunciation phonemes
  • Dynamically switch among grammar compilers and syntax formats

Specops Gpupdate - Features

Specops Gpupdate makes administration duties MUCH easier providing operations such as update of Group Policy Objects (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy), remote restart, wake on lan (WOL) and remote shutdown.

All of these operations are available in the Active Directory Users and Computers interface and through Active Directory searches - even entire OUs can be selected.

Instant feedback (in the form of a graph) is available after performing a gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy, remote restart, wake on lan (WOL) or remote shutdown.


  • Update Group Policy (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy)
  • Start computers by Wake On Lan (WOL)
  • Remote restart
  • Remote shutdown
  • Real time graphical reporting

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Specops Gpupdate - System Requirements

File Size: 1.45 MB

Operating Systems:
  • Clients: Windows XP SP 2
  • Servers: Windows Server 2003

System Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2 , Windows Installer 3.0

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