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SAP Crystal Server

SAP Crystal Server
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SAP Crystal Server is a complete reporting solution that creates, manages, and delivers reports via the Web or embedded in enterprise applications.

Empower decision makers with easy, intuitive access to the BI tools small businesses must have. SAP Crystal Server (as Named User or Concurrent Access) enables automated distribution, self-service access to reports, dashboards, and data exploration within a secure infrastructure. Enable business users to make timely, fact-based decisions while reducing reporting backlogs and simplify administration procedures and user management for your IT team.

  1. Choose the way users connect in self service
    • NUL licenses are ideal for frequent users (like power users and administrators). CAL licences are for general and intermittent audiences (like business and end-users)
  2. Choose the pace at which your environment grows
    • Provide data access for 1 to 150 users, share contents with internal and external stakeholders and lock down the levels of capabilities each user has
  3. Choose the mechanisms to deliver your contents
    • Empower employee with guided self-service access, or automate publishing and delivery of personalized reports to 1 or 1,000 recipients on desktop, web and mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • No money wasted: Tailor the licenses to the type of user in your enterprise
  • No compromise: Easily audit user behavior and report usage to optimize your landscape
  • No unsolved issue: Leverage our SAP support offerings to be successful
  • No unused licenses: Buy digitally from the SAP Store when you need licenses
  • No long sales cycles: Buy digitally with your credit card or per invoice
  • No contract negotiations: Buy digitally with standard terms and conditions
  • No output limitation: Consume data on a computer, a mobile device or on paper
  • No recipient limitation: Share reports with an unlimited number of users
  • No "one fits all approach": Personalize your reports for each individual user

Put business analytics directly into the hands of decision makers and business users through:

  • Data-driven publishing that accelerates delivery of personalised reports to a dynamic list of recipients
  • A common semantic layer that makes corporate data readily accessible
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications to provide users with information inside the solutions they work with the most
  • Fast and secure mobile deployment through a wireless connection with enhanced security and automatic transfer of administrative policies
  • Accelerated start with simplified deployment, configuration wizards and migration tools make configuration faster and easier
  • Administrative support for lifecycle management, auditing and system monitoring to minimise ongoing cost of ownership

Crystal Server: The complete on-premise reporting solution for Small to Medium sized Businesses.

SAP Crystal Server - Features

Key Features:

Improve performance with critical BI content: Perform root-cause analysis, monitor real-time business performance and find the information you need anytime, anywhere. Use a simple keyword search to find information from any data source.

  • Harness a common semantic layer that makes corporate data easier to consume for all users
  • Cut costs by using a single BI server for both reports and dashboards
  • Print, export and drill-down into charts and other report objects over the Web
  • Generate interactive reports with dynamic data visualisations
  • Integrate reports with Java Portal Access, Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint

Share key information across your company: Create and share BI reports so your team can make informed decisions and take action with confidence. Publish and deliver reports to thousands of recipients, personalised for each user.

  • Base a single SAP Crystal Reports document on multiple data sources
  • Trigger reports to run at specific times or with specific events
  • Schedule reports and generate them in familiar formats, including XLS, PDF and RTF
  • Give all users secure self-service access to information online, offline, or via mobile BI apps.

SAP Crystal Server - System Requirements

Crystal Server 2016 minimum server hardware requirements:

Server Components

  • PU performance of at least 8000 SAPS
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM or more
  • Disk space (approximate): 11 GB for default installation with English language only installed

Operating Systems

  • Windows: Server 2012 R2, Server 2012, Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1
  • Linux: Red Hat EL 7 x86 64, Red Hat EL 6 x86 64 Update 2, SUSE SLES 12 x86 64, SUSE SLES 11 x86 64

System Requirements

  • Browsers: IE 11, IE 10, Firefox ESP 38.x, Chrome

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