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Amyuni PDF Converter

Amyuni PDF Converter

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Virtual printer driver for Linux or Windows that enables the creation of a PDF document. Insert hyperlinks and bookmarks, combine multiple documents into one PDF file and convert and e-mail PDF documents directly.

Amyuni PDF Converter provides the best performance and OS compatibility across all Windows releases. Continuous updates to the PDF printer driver keeps PDF Converter on top of its category in terms of reliability and accuracy of conversion output both in GDI and Postscript based modes. Whether your application is based on GDI, GDI+, WPF or Postscript, PDF Converter remains the ideal companion PDF printer.

Key Features:

  • Microsoft WHQL certified for all Windows 32 and 64-bit platforms from XP to Windows 10: Easily available through Windows Updates
  • High performance and reliability: Create PDF documents in a fraction of the time needed with other tools
  • Create PDFs that fully comply with the PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-3 ISO standards or with PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-3 industry standards
  • Embed keywords and XMP metadata into PDF and PDF/A files
  • Versatile: Standard PDF features are all available plus a number of features that developers will not find elsewhere
  • Create tagged or structured PDFs as defined by the PDF specs. Structured PDFs are easier to edit and export to other applications
  • Merge, append and watermark PDF documents
  • Generate CMYK-colored PDF files for printing purposes
  • Automatic generation of hyperlinks and bookmarks by analysing document content
  • PDF Files can be automatically printed to a hardware printer after they have been generated

Amyuni PDF Converter - Features

The PDF Converter is a virtual printer driver that allows you to create a PDF document from any application running under Windows operating systems. It can be installed on the end-users system like any standard printer. An automatic installation software is provided for an even easier installation without end-user interaction. Instead of printing to a standard printer, you will just select our printer. A file will be generated, which you can then transmit over the Intranet, Internet or view with the Amyuni PDF Creator or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF Converter is based on our internal developments and does not rely on external libraries such as Ghostscript. Licensing and distribution are hassle-free and developers are not required to license any external technology in order to distribute Amyuni tools.

Main Features

  • Support for the new Microsoft Vista operating system.
  • High performance and reliability. Create PDF documents in a fraction of the time needed with other tools.
  • Operates in multi-threaded environments and with service applications under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Ideal for Web, Intranet and Terminal Servers with or without Citrix.
  • Interface with any Windows programming language, including VBA. This interface is in the form of .NET classes,
  • ActiveX classes and DLL Functions that allow the developer to:
  • Automate the conversion process by setting the output file name and various other options without user interaction.
  • Intercept various events sent by the PDF printer when documents are generated.
  • Add bookmarks and hyperlinks to the PDF document.
  • Set various document properties such as title, subject, author...
  • Merge and concatenate or append PDF documents.
  • Generate PDF/A compliant files (requires version 2.51 and higher)
  • Ability to generate CMYK coloured PDF files for printing purposes.
  • Direct JPEG and PNG output from Office applications improves conversion speed.
  • Automatic generation of hyperlinks and bookmarks by analyzing document content.
  • Developers are able to configure the PDF Converter to allow them to redirect the data stream to process the data or to define a destination other than saving to file or sending via email.
  • Developers can modify the user interface language dynamically (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese) PDF documents can be secured using either 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms to prevent them from being viewed, modified or even printed.
  • PDF documents can be digitally signed using any valid certificate installed on the end-users system.
  • PDF documents can be optimized for downloading through the web, also known as PDF Linearization.
  • PDF files can be printed to a physical printer after they have been generated.

Additional Features

  • Multiple documents can be appended into one PDF file.
  • Documents containing images can be compressed using a variety of image compression techniques such as JPEG, CCITT Fax, grayscale, downsampling, removal of duplicate images, and more.
  • Multi-national character sets are supported. These include eastern-european, middle-eastern and far-eastern languages.
  • TrueType and Type1 (Postscript) fonts can be fully or partially embedded in the PDF document to ensure perfect portability.
  • PDF documents can be watermarked using either a simple text string or another PDF file.
  • PDF documents can be emailed directly using any MAPI or SMTP-compliant mailing systems as opposed to being saved on disk for later emailing.
  • PDF documents can be archived directly into ODMA enabled document management systems (DMS).
  • Resulting PDF document can be previewed either while being generated or after the conversion is completed.

New Features in PDF Converter 4.0

  • Certification for Windows 2008, Windows 7 compatible.
  • Generation of layered PDF files for CAD and other applications.
  • The generation of industry standard PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-3 files.
  • SMTP email authentication capabilities.
  • Support for a wider range of PDF files such as the PDF 1.7 format and the compressed XRef table format.
  • The addition and extraction of attachments to and from PDF files.
  • Exporting capabilities of PDF files into XAML in order to view from a Web page with Silverlight controls.
  • Updated PDF/A engine ensures Acrobat 9 compatibility.
  • Logging capabilities to ensure detailed detection and warning of errors during the processing of PDF files.
  • Improved support for CJK languages and custom CMAPs.
  • Resaving capabilities of PDF files using PDF 1.4, 1.5, or PDF/A formats.
  • The generation of PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b files with embedding of custom XMP metadata.
  • Support for Unicode strings for the selection of digital signatures.

New Printing Features for 4.0

  • The ability to print a single page to multiple sheets or multiple pages to a single sheet.
  • The option to rotate and scale the page during printing.
  • Selectable paper tray options depending on the media type assigned to a page.
  • A Print Preview report state to preview documents before printing.

New Performance Features for 4.0

  • Improved file processing speed of PDF files that contain large graphics.
  • Improved file loading capabilities from network drives.
  • Reduced memory consumption during the processing of large numbers of pages.
  • Reduced output file size through better page compression and reduced embedded font size. Improved performance and reliability of Merge operations.

New Graphics Features for 4.0

  • JPEG2000 compression in addition to the existing image decompression.
  • Delayed loading of JPEG and PNG images until they are required. This delay improves performance and memory usage during PDF processing.
  • Improved performance of graphics library for faster decompression of CCITT and JBIG2 images.
  • Improved support for transparencies and alpha-blending techniques.

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Amyuni PDF Converter - System Requirements

Support for all Windows platforms include:

  • 32-bit ver.: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000.
  • 64-bit ver.: Windows 2008, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000.

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