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Alert Reminder Boost

Alert Reminder Boost

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Stay ahead and in the know with alerts and reminders. A time-saving solution to keep abreast of tasks and projects.

Allow users to view and edit their personal AD profiles Exclude certain users from managing their own AD information AD properties can be set as editable or read-only Properties & tabs can be added or removed by the administrators from within the web part Send email notifications to system administrators or managers once properties have been changed Record all AD property changes and change attempts in log files Support three property display styles including text box, drop-down list and lookup Allow users to modify properties with multiple entries Allow users to upload thumbnail photos.

Key Features:

  • Send Customised Alert Email: Send customised, informative alert email whenever an item is created, modified and deleted. Users can customise the email body with Rich Text formatting including tables, text colors and effects. Even better, the email subject is also customisable.
  • Send Reminder Email Automatically: Automatically send reminder emails to users about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines. Users can decide how often to send reminder emails, either by minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Ensuring any important tasks or events are not missed.
  • Send Alerts and Reminders Using Conditions: Use a field-based condition to determine at what time and under what circumstances emails should be sent. For example, when a priority field is changed or a task is completed an email should be sent. Using conditions employees will only receive notifications that matter to them and only when they are required.
  • Highlight Changes in Emails: Track all changes of an item including old and new values. Modified details are clearly marked and highlighted in an emails body. These eye-catching marks will help users quickly locate changes.
  • Various Ways to Select Recipients: Send alert or reminder emails to:
    • Users, SharePoint groups and Active Directory groups
    • Users represented by Person or Group columns both in the current and external lists
    • Email addresses contained in the Contact list or Distribution list
  • Include List Columns in Content: Alert Reminder Boost provides a powerful capability to insert list fields in an email subject and body. All list fields are available within an email body, such as [Title], [Assign To] and more. Predefined variables such as {Today}, {Now} and {List Title} can also be inserted in the email content.
  • Send Daily or Weekly Summary: Multiple notifications can be merged into one single summary and users can choose to receive a daily or weekly notification summary at specific times of any given day.
  • Send Email via SMS Messages: In addition to email, alerts and reminders can be sent via SMS ensuring users who are working outside of the office receive notifications.

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