Did you know that -- according to this report -- the average user can spend more than two hours on social media every day? That might seem trivial enough -- until you remember that those 'average users' comprise many of your customers' employees five days a week.

This also really underlines the benefits of SolarWinds technologies for managing the network, gaining control and observability.

With SolarWinds, companies and users can separate the trivial from the crucial, preserving in-house energy and resources for critical, productive tasks and decision-making. Fully transparent control over the IT environment also helps slash unforeseen costs across the organisation, including unplanned downtime.

The University of California at San Diego has estimated that the average user consumes some 34GB of data and information every day in total, about the same as in an 100,000 word novel.

And once you add the need to monitor and manage all enterprise servers and applications, including for high availability and performance, the resulting detail and information overload adds up to significant challenge for IT teams.

Business productivity can be better managed and monitored with SolarWinds' well-designed platforms covering networks, systems, databases, IT services, security, and more, including specialist functions and capabilities.

For instance, if you see thirty alerts, did three issues trigger 10 alerts each, or have 15 issues generated two each? If teams aren’t working from a single source of truth, it's increasingly difficult to tell which issues must be acted on and when.

SolarWinds can deliver enhanced observability for hybrid cloud and modern application environments via its artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) and machine learning (ML) alongside customised alerting.

Mean time to detection (MTTD) of issues shrinks when you add diagnostic, assistive, and automation features -- enabling IT teams to concentrate on higher value business challenges and innovation.

Regardless of type, size, or complexity of organisation, SolarWinds partners can achieve a comprehensive and unified view of distributed and hybrid network environments end to end, whether the focus is network performance, database monitoring and management, or service desk.

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