It can be easy to treat PDF editing and e-signature requirements as an afterthought in a world of enterprise software complexity.

But what if you could help your customer reduce that complexity at a lower price point, with better margins -- all while meeting document management, compliance and sustainability goals?

That's why at QBS we're working with Foxit, which has quickly become an emerging leader in this sometimes overlooked yet rapidly growing $13 billion (£10bn) global market.

As Paul Jackson, director of the EMEA channel at Foxit, explains in this video: "We're trusted by some of the world's largest companies, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, and we have over 650 million users who are increasing their productivity every day with Foxit."

Six ways that Foxit can benefit your customers

  • Foxit PDF solutions can help automate and streamline workflows and audit trails -- meeting documentation, compliance and productivity challenges head on

  • Foxit PDF solutions mean users can process paperwork and necessary documentation faster -- freeing up valuable staff time to focus on core tasks and innovation that grow business

  • Foxit's enterprise-ready PDF solutions fit perfectly into your customers' ecosystems too -- reducing deployment and implementation time and maximising the chance to make savings

  • Foxit solutions are built to scale so customer businesses can continue to expand with confidence -- which also helps your revenues too

  • Foxit solutions reduce the need for paper, slashing waste across an organisation -- helping customers meet their emissions targets, fight climate change and improve the environment

  • Foxit PDF solutions are suitable for all sizes of organisation, and available as a subscription or perpetual license

"Customers will get outstanding usability and market-leading features at a distinctly better price point," explains Jackson.

"Talk to us about the latest deals and offers across the full range of Foxit products -- including full-featured software and shareable, customisable templates to easily create, edit, merge, split, convert, annotate and protect PDFs with a view to all necessary compliance requirements."

All-in-one approach meets individual requirements

Whether the need for PDF solutions is for paperless office, PDF accessibility, education, government, banking, healthcare, legal or manufacturing, Foxit can help -- enabling reading, editing, compressing, rendering, scanning and signing for secure documentation anywhere, any time.

Foxit eSign and PDF Editor is an all-in-one platform for document creation, editing, collaboration and e-signature processes, with signature transactions that are more secure and trackable than ever.

While users see the signature transaction within Foxit PDF Editor, the actual information is kept in the Foxit eSign cloud, uploaded as a legally binding electronic record.

There are also Software Development Kit (SDK) options.

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