Onboarding a team with the latest technology can be a challenge no matter what industry you're in -- but disruption to physical projects and distributed requirements in the construction industry can be even tougher to avoid.

According to a Bluebeam survey in 2021, one in three construction businesses actually avoid investing in technology because of worries around essential training and change management.

Luckily, Bluebeam tools including Revu and Studio can ease these critical aspects of digital transformation even across the more precise requirements of a physical, multi-faceted construction environment.

Construction industry customers will, firstly, benefit from an array of plugins and integrations. There are plugins for AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Sketchup and more -- as well as integrations with the likes of SharePoint and a wide range of other BIM applications.

Features like Studio Platform enable teams to manage projects around the clock from a desktop, Windows tablet or iPad.

With Bluebeam's toolset, an organisation can enjoy a more gradual phase-out -- continuing to work with their legacy technologies and offerings while Revu is integrated with the full stack.

Another top tip is to work with the Revu Configuration Editor, for deploying to the organisation in a standardised manner, including scripts and patch updates for custom assets (such as line styles or hatch patterns).

Configuring and customising Revu for collaborative teams

Customers can also benefit from using Profiles -- not only as an easy way to store preferred toolbars, menus and other display settings but to shape Revu's user interface for specific job functions.

Many customisations are available, complemented with a broad range of training resources to suit different learning approaches.

Not everyone needs to edit PDFs, for instance: so why not turn off unneeded Revu toolbars and tabs, maximising viewing space? Once set up, profiles can be easily shared and amended when required.

All markups can be stored in a tool chest to be easily adapted when needed, as well as saved locally, exported, imported or shared across internal or even external teams. Industry-standard markups are pre-loaded for a quick start.

For partners, change management challenges at customer level require engaging teams at each step to demonstrate the advantages of Bluebeam -- which also means developing a strong communications plan in conjunction with the above tips.

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( Image by Borko Manigoda from Pixabay )