Also through our hypergrowth focused Orchestra launch, we're working with CoreView -- a powerful suite of tools for analysing, administering, automating, optimising, securing and auditing Microsoft 365 environments through a single interface.

SaaS-based CoreView assists customer organisations to break down siloes, integrating data from Microsoft 365 so it makes sense through that unified view and can deliver maximum value. That includes on-prem data as well.

With CoreView, IT teams can increase control, security and efficiency when managing M365 -- which, it goes almost without saying, positions partners for plentiful sales opportunities around the near-standard platform.

Customers can control M365 better with CoreView

Hybridised IT environments and distributed team collaborations are continuing to proliferate -- and these don't make the workplace infrastructure any easier to manage. There's a productivity challenge at the same time.

CoreView understands that teams are struggling to keep up with continually changing -- and sprawling -- requirements, which means Microsoft tools and their efficient function are more critical than ever, whether the tool in question is Teams or SharePoint.

"Microsoft Teams sprawl, continual onboarding and offboarding of employees, and increased security threats can leave IT teams overwhelmed and their environments more chaotic than ever," as the company has explained.

With CoreView, workers can introduce order, whether assigning permissions, automating routine tasks, or continually monitoring assets for compliance with proactive governance and application security.

This can be crucial when you remember that enterprises can be trying to manage myriad applications, and that up to 50% of users at enterprises running Microsoft 365 aren't managed by default security policies within the platform.

"Most enterprise customers have multiple active directories on site but probably only one Microsoft 365 tenant.

"CoreView allows you to segment a single M365 tenant into Virtual Tenants that might reflect a department, or a country, or region, or even a single location. By breaking into smaller groups, you can restrict what users can see and act on," the company explains.

At Orchestra, we're laser-focused on the fastest growing of sales opportunities for vendors and partners -- leveraging the QBS Software Delivery Platform as well as consultative, proactive sales support. Talk to us today to learn more.

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