From automating complex processes to managing simple task lists, the Smartsheet platform eases the path to flexibility and enhanced work management capabilities.

Already used by more than 100,000 customers and millions of information workers, Smartsheet leverages SaaS advantages to assist with the goals of increased team productivity and operational visibility.

Smartsheet's familiarly styled, easy-to-use spreadsheet interface enhances the ability to collaboratively manage both work activities and automated requirements around content and digital assets, including text, voice or video, whether shared or co-authored.

At the same time, the file sync and share functionality makes it easier than ever to organise, access, secure and share files from a single location.

Because Smartsheet columns resemble the typical spreadsheet format, they're intuitive for users, streamlining transitions to a more powerful solution.

Rows can be autofilled and organised based on customer names, order information, or tasks. Card view delivers visual inputs that connect Agile teams. Gantt charting is interactive, incorporating popular drag-and-drop functionality to allow for dates and dependences to be easily adjusted. Formulas enable calculations across cells, columns and ranges in the sheet.

And with Smartsheet Sights, both individuals and teams can work smarter because they enjoy a clear view of work in progress. Commenting enables creation of an archive of relevant notes, links and files that collaborators can access, comment on or add to on the fly.

A 2022 study by Forrester has confirmed the value that Smartsheet can bring to businesses, from managing projects and automating workflows to helping enterprises build and scale solutions.

Forrester Consulting interviewed decision makers across nine organisations currently using the Smartsheet platform -- with overall benefits to the bottom line from the increased visibility it delivered.

Overall productivity, resource allocation and revenue gains included a potential for 680% customer ROI over three years, with payback achieved in under six months, as well as a potential net present value over the three years of $16.33 million (£13.54 million).

Other benefits include increased customer and employee satisfaction, improved decision making and accelerated time to market, according to Smartsheet.

Download the full January 2022 report from this link.

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