Most organisations think of videos as marketing and advertising tools -- but, as Vyond's Fabricio Perez explains, animation based communications can do so much more for customer organisations.

"Short videos with the capability of being created and distributed with ease are game changers for relaying important information," Perez says. "Throughout my hiring and onboarding, video played a huge part in finding my way at Vyond."

Short and animated videos are great at conveying organisational expectations as well as communicating results.

Whether product analysis, survey results, or team activities and collaborative efforts, tools like Vyond Studio can help -- without compromising learning or attention.

During the pandemic, many aspects of life and work have been challenged -- with one result being that video conferencing and online communications will continue to be key long into the future.

"All of us have come up with clever solutions to some of the most disrupting changes we’ve faced, including how we interact with others," explains Perez. "It’s no surprise, then, that hiring processes have also begun to change."

An online way of working offers considerable advantages -- including the chance to save time and money that would have otherwise been spent travelling to and from appointments.

Today, struggles with computer functionality, internet connection, microphones and video are also coming to the fore when interviewing for jobs, he notes.

Video interviews can become tedious and ineffective without a clear approach, incorporating "fun" aspects of human communications, such as non-verbal cues and expressions of emotion.

Vyond-powered video animations can break the monotony -- all while communicating brand identity and clear messaging around company expectations. The right visuals, tone, and language enhance engagement.

A short video that's quick and friendly can not only explain key topics covered during the introductory phone call with the hiring manager but describe the next steps in interviewing and hiring processes.

"Create a better sense of belonging with a short video introducing your team. Having a resource that conveys the company structure, the different teams that work in tandem, and the leading members of each department is useful," he says.

Need to effectively communicate new Covid-19 protocols to employees? Short videos explaining safety protocols can save organisations a lot of time, Perez says.