Smartsheet has completely reinvented how Smartsheet Advance premium capabilities are packaged -- easing the enterprise customer journey to no-code and low-code software development.

As Gene Farrell, Smartsheet's chief strategy and product officer shares in a new blog, Smartsheet Advance is set to empower organisations to keep up with transformations across workplaces today, easing application development via Smartsheet's core work management platform.

"When customers are ready to expand solutions with premium capabilities, that’s where Smartsheet Advance offers process management at scale through Control Center, management of secure requests with Dynamic View, [and] integration into systems of record like Jira and Salesforce with Data Connections," Farrell says.

While Business and Enterprise customers will still enjoy Smartsheet's core dynamic work functionality including project, programme, and process management, project intake, collaboration, automation, content management, and executive visibility through dashboards and reports, Smartsheet Advance also delivers:

  • intelligent workflows to automate business processes across platforms with Bridge

  • multi-level security including around-the-clock monitoring, physical security, data encryption, and user authentication; and

  • powerful governance and administration capabilities through Admin Center

"Smartsheet Advance is also designed to work seamlessly with our resource management and digital asset management offerings -- empowering customers to deploy skill-based resource management through 10,000ft by Smartsheet and manage the full lifecycle of their digital assets with Brandfolder," explains Farrell.

According to Farrell, customers on Enterprise plans will still be able to build easy-to-navigate web and mobile apps in minutes, using WorkApps, as well as single sign-on (SSO), directory integration and brand identity management including custom email domains.

"We’ve also been listening to solution builders, who have told us they needed an easy way to package solutions to get stakeholders to engage. And that’s why we built WorkApps, our no-code app builder," he says.

"Our customers have built more than 30,000 WorkApps to streamline their businesses and simplify collaboration since this feature debuted."

Even more benefits with Smartsheet Advance

Click here to read about Silver, Gold and Platinum bundles in Smartsheet Advance -- tailored to suit specific stages of the customer's journey to no-code. Some organisations require additional compliance and governance capabilities, for example.

Farrell adds that users moving towards no-code need a platform for the enterprise workflows and deep integrations needed to build solutions across an entire stack.

"We have integrations with industry-leading platforms including Adobe, Atlassian, McAfee, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday, as well as with popular productivity tools like Box, Dropbox, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Slack," he says.

In addition, Smartsheet in April announced further integrations and expansions with DocuSign,

Lucidspark, UIPath, Bridge, Google Translate, Accuweather, FedEx and ServiceNow.

Read the full blog for more information on the Smartsheet platform -- available from QBS.

( Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )