OpenAI's ChatGPT beta has been in the headlines a lot lately -- but you might not have read about how working with Automox alongside it can mean faster and more effective patching and scripting.

IT systems administrators can harness GPT to draft scripts, analyse and comment out existing code, or convert scripts from PowerShell into Python or Bash.

According to Automox, adopting Automox and conversational AI ChatGPT together means building, fixing, and automating code at pace.

Automox is both a cloud-first effective patching solution and a versatile and fast scripting agent -- its Policy and Worklet features allow admins to automate scripts and tasks across all their assets wherever they might be located.

With Automox, sysadmins can take a straightforward piece of code, scale it, and automatically run it. They can "force multiply" that script, meaning they can get more productive work done faster.

Previously, it could take all your time writing an install script for each OS in your environment, not forgetting testing and re-iterating.

But with conversational AI, you can get help by asking the right questions, and have it rapidly converted to usable code for the correct platform. For instance, you can paste in some code and get the AI to comment on what it actually does, helping you find and fix mistakes.

Read Automox's examples here.

Care is certainly needed -- Stack Overflow for example recently banned submissions provided by the AI after multiple novice programmers supplied solutions without having verifying the code -- but with due care it can be a really helpful tool, especially if you don't have sufficient developer resource in-house.

That said, experimenting with ChatGPT while using proven automation with Automox can be a great tool for automating routine, boring tasks.

With Automox’s Worklet catalog, you also have easy access to multiple well crafted tried-and-true scripts, including common use-case scripts overseen by the Automox team.

And, with Automox, there's no need to update Windows Task Scheduler and dump the script on all your devices. When you deploy your code to the Automox cloud, it can run where and when you need it. IT teams can create and automate custom tasks or policies across an entire environment in moments.

In 2023, Automox (and QBS) foresee a big push for automation as organisations aim to save time and increase efficiencies. To learn more, contact QBS Orchestra by calling +44 (0) 20 8733 7155 in the UK or filling in your details at the bottom of this page.

( Image by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay )