When employees of the City of Edinburg, Texas, had to work beyond the city hall in an increasingly hard-to-manage IT environment, they chose cloud-based Automox to win them more time and savings.

The US city picked out Automox to consistently and effortlessly secure workers leveraging Windows, Linux and Mac based computing environments. With Automox, organisations easily keep operating systems up to date and fully patched at all times.

The City of Edinburg, like local bodies all over the world today, houses a large hybrid IT estate. With employees working remotely, Edinburg favoured a cloud-based solution that didn’t need VPN to run device updates.

The struggle to manage different IT environments with the solutions that they had pre-pandemic left gaps in Linux and Mac management in particular.

With Automox, go live can happen in days, with the environment completely set up, including securing off-site devices on the go such as laptops or tablets, within weeks.

In addition, Automox Worklets can manage installed and uninstalled applications - customising automation of both deployment and patching as required, while enhancing visibility of device connectivity.

Previously, the City of Edinburg had needed many working days just to do software updates. Now, with Automox, this can be achieved with full visibility and minimal disruption to working hours.

Automox assisted the government body to achieve the cyber hygiene and cybersecurity that citizens and local residents have these days come to expect, avoiding a need to rely on clunky, on-prem legacy tools to support remote devices

Automox can keep myriad endpoints ready to go for users - automatically - and it has a zero-infrastructure, cloud-native architecture.

Avoid monthly Patch Tuesday panics by automating patching, while monitoring and developing policies for other, third-party software - avoiding potential vulnerabilities there too.

Better managing IT applications across multiple departments and a hybrid environment can quickly deliver time and labour savings - clawing back resources to move forward instead of merely 'keeping the lights on'.

Find out more about how Automox can deliver crazy-easy patching, cloud-native control and cross-platform coverage at pace. Give QBS Orchestra a call on +44 (0) 20 8733 7155 or send us a message.

( Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash )