As JetBrains’ Anastasia Khramushina explains in a JetBrains article this month, “knowing how to work with data is one of the most in-demand skills in tech”.

That’s especially true when the goal is backend software development. For a start, nearly all websites and applications out there have registration and login forms.

“Behind the simple two-field window, there is a complex process of storing, retrieving, and changing user data.

“All these operations are possible with the knowledge of the Structured Query Language (SQL), an essential tool for every backend developer,” she writes.

One reason that JetBrains’ array of tools have become so essential for developer teams is that they’re always inventing and innovating to meet current and future needs.

This month, they’ve rolled out a new track on JetBrains Academy – SQL for Backend Developers. The sessions target developers who need to use databases to develop effective and reliable services.

The JetBrains Academy personalised study plan enables developers to master the fundamentals of database theory in just 11 hours.

They’ll be learning SQL statements needed to access data and get practice with popular open-source database MySQL too. But there’s plenty of practical exercises as well – it’s not just about the theory.

Other backend-focused dev tracks in JetBrains Academy include training in Java, Python Core and SQL with Python. Click here to see more course examples from which to choose.

And because JetBrains is always rolling out new tools as well as regular feature and function updates and fixes, there’s always more to learn.

With JetBrains in the toolkit, alongside JetBrains Academy, you can help developers working for you or your partners truly make the most of the ever-evolving smörgåsbord of software in organisations today.

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( Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash )