Customer organisations not only need to guard vulnerabilities in the cloud but to implement intelligent solutions that better target overall cyberthreat dynamics. With Stormshield, organisations not only acquire protection for endpoint, network and data but enjoy a sovereignty focused approach that assists optimum control and visibility over critical information and infrastructures.

Stormshield customers enjoy:

  • Proactive cyberthreat intelligence (CTI).
  • Continuous improvement of cyber-protections.
  • Product security information updated as cyberthreats evolve.

Stormshield in-house cybersecurity experts boast hands-on coding experience to boot, which means they can to tackle malicious mechanisms as they emerge, delivering high-level analysis in a timely and technical manner.

The cyber-threat team also advances its understanding of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) by drawing down information from Stormshield's own UTM, EDR and sandboxing solutions, coupled with external data sources. This is about continually improving the security offer presented by Stormshield solutions, including a central role for CTI in the eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) approach.