Developer tools specialist JetBrains grew revenues overall by 11% during its just-ended 2020 financial year, which the company says is down to growth in APAC and EMEA volumes in particular.

During the year, APAC sales rose 32%, spearheaded by China-based paying customers, and EMEA 12%, the company reported in its annual summary. That compares to just 3.4% for North, South and Central America (although the USA remains its largest customer base).

Robert Demmer, blogging for JetBrains, said that 2020 marked the company's 20th year of operation, with around 10.1 million developers around the world now using its 30 or so tools -- up from 3.7 million in 2016.

"JetBrains has grown from a small startup in Prague into an established international software development tools company with 1,500 team members across nine offices. Founded on a single product, our portfolio now boasts 30 tools with more than 6,000 plugins available to extend them further," he wrote.

"We’ve accomplished all of this without external funding."

Demmer said the Rider, GoLand, DataGrip, CLion, and PyCharm tools grew most in 2020, and JetBrains' IDE for Java, IntelliJ IDEA, was used by around four million developers. The year also saw the launches of all-in-one collaborative platform Space and the Code With Me service, as well as Kotlin 1.4 and Ktor, a Kotlin framework for building asynchronous servers and clients in connected systems.

"The increasing popularity, with a huge number of Kotlin users, continues to amaze us – 5.8 million people edited code written in Kotlin last year," Demmer said.

"Almost every day we have around 175 new organisations and 2,862 individuals adopting our tools and joining the JetBrains family."

JetBrains has followed up with news it was bundling Code With Me with the new RubyMine 2021.1 Beta 4 and announced improvements to run/debug for Docker, as well as the new AppCode 2021.1 EAP (early access programme) and fixes for PyCharm 2021.1 EAP 5.

( Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash )