JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA can massively boost efficiency, productivity and return on investment (ROI) for developers working in Java environments -- according to a study by Forrester Consulting.

According to the Forrester/JetBrains Total Impact study, IntelliJ IDEA enables developers to work more efficiently, through better focus, live analysis and real-time recommendations.

"Developers were able to complete their work 20% faster and with less disruption. Further, IntelliJ IDEA enabled developers to write better code — with consistent results," the report says.

"Developers using IntelliJ IDEA reduced defect density by 8%. This saw an average 8,424 hours

saved in code maintenance across [a] three-year horizon."

Forrester carried out four in-depth customer interviews and data aggregation, concluding that IntelliJ IDEA had a "financial impact" of $5.6 million over three years for a cost of $770,000 -- representing ROI of 628%.

New in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2

JetBrains's latest updates to flagship Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA include project analysis and build system improvements.

According to InfoWorld reviewer Paul Krill, IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 comes with a range of improvements, including the ability to check Java code changes for errors prior to compilation for users of the Ultimate edition.

"In both the Ultimate and Community editions of the IDE, version 2021.2 also will initiate several actions when a project is being saved including reformatting code and optimising imports," wrote Krill.

Version 2021.2 of the Java development environment also eases management of Maven and Gradle dependencies with a Package Search plug-in, he said, in an article published by InfoWorld/ChannelAsia.

The partner experience

Channel partners of JetBrains globally include distributor Tangunsoft, based in South Korea and targeting the fast growing South-East Asia and Asia-Pacific markets.

According to JetBrains, this partner benefits from using IntelliJ IDEA as well as JetBrains' Space, PhpStorm, PyCharm, CLion, RubyMine, GoLand, Rider, TeamCity and more.

Kim Wooseong, APAC channel lead and partnership manager at Tangunsoft, said: "JetBrains helps you write clean, professional, maintainable code of the highest quality."

Kim's team boasts more than ten engineers, including two devops engineers. They saw potential in the digital transformation movement generally, and became familiar with JetBrains IDEs from some developers already using them to increase their day-to-day productivity.

"Thanks to JetBrains, Tangunsoft is now well known in South Korea for its portfolio of tools for developers. Customers are not just interested in the products, however. Developer-oriented companies also come to Tangunsoft for DevOps consultation," says Kim.