With authorities predicting potentially the worst economic recession since World War II ahead of us, organisations are racing to find ways to 'do more with less' when it comes to IT transformations.


This is where low-code development comes in, especially facilitated by the latest in hybrid low-code solutions from LANSA.


Great low-code platforms that require only basic application coding skills allow you to leverage existing toolsets and developer teams to address digital transformations -- whether in-house or within customer organisations.


LANSA can help you and your customers achieve more, cost-effectively, with what you already have, for increased flexibility and agility.


There's no need for a full-stack developer team. Only one language is needed from the front end to the back. This means that all developers available can work on any part of the application, within a single development environment (IDE).


Check out the free tutorials on https://learn.lansa.com/ to understand just how easy working with LANSA can be.


Fundamental shift in software development to benefit businesses


Rapidly changing industry and market conditions are forcing organisations to look beyond traditional solutions for greater innovation.


This isn't just about economic challenges but profound changes in the workforce -- 75% of the global workforce will be millenials by 2025, and younger generations both demand and expect services and systems to be fully available online, with cloud, mobile and AI increasingly key.


Alongside the broader acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, this shift is driving an unprecedented surge in demand for new and adapted software applications.


According to IDC, 500 million applications and digital services will be developed by 2023. That's more than in the last 40 years combined. The demand for mobile apps alone has been forecast by Gartner to grow five times faster than a typical IT department today can handle.


It's clear that the way organisations build enterprise applications has to change. With LANSA, partners can help more customers than ever move towards true agility that meets today's business challenges head-on.


Get started today with ready-to-use Code Start for business


Mindful of the challenges that changing practices entail, LANSA has developed Code Start business solutions with Visual LANSA that are ready to go -- enabling customers to move quickly on coding needs, without having to start from scratch.


With Portalize, developers can focus on creating solutions rather than spending many hours or days developing the sophisticated features and functions that are desired for the modern application portal.


Portalize by LANSA is a secure, fully functional, fully customisable, and fully scalable enterprise-ready portal development framework -- built on a low-code platform with the power and flexibility of Visual LANSA.


LANSA Commerce Edition offers B2C and B2B business rules and definitions that can be reused across multiple web applications and integrated with a diverse range of existing ERP implementations -- whether running natively on the same system or as a standalone or hosted application.


Select preferred features today, remaining assured of an ability to enable additional functionality in future when required. In addition, a single implementation can support multiple and distinct variations of look and feel, including storefront branding and domains.


Talk to QBS today about more advantages of working with LANSA either in-house or to empower customer digital transformations.