For managed services providers (MSPs) and other channel partners, the arsenal of GFI Software ensures a full-fledged ability to empower security strategies in an ever-changing marketplace - particularly for SMBs.

  • Overcome SMB security challenges with best-in-class, extendable GFI applications augmented with machine learning and instant alerts.
  • Take the initiative on value provision to customers seeking overall risk reduction and simplification of complex data.

Over 40,000 organisations already use GFI Software for network management and performance, security, and collaboration applications.


We extended our fruitful partnership with GFI in September  2023, adding a laser focus on collaboration that amplifies MSP solution opportunities, including the innovative purpose-built GFI AppManager, in addition to boosting already-strong success in France and the Nordics.

At the same time, GFI is continuing to expand its suite of ISO 27001-standard offerings for MSPs - targeting emerging and trenchant challenges with the likes of ClearView for network management, Exinda NetworkOrchestrator for enhanced quality of experience, Archiver for archiving, and now AppManager - the cloud-based platform for managing multiple products and accounts from one central location.


With GFI Software, smaller organisations can rise above the myriad cybersecurity challenges that continually beset enterprises of every size. They'll gain capabilities to:

  • Enhanced cybersecurity against evolving online threats
  • Integrated IAM and DLP solutions with efficient incident management
  • Proactive management of software vulnerabilities and updates
  • Alignment with ISO 27001 standards and audit proficiency
  • Legal risk mitigation with efficient access to collaborative tools
  • Countermeasures against generative-AI related cybersecurity threats

As Jozef Kačala, GFI sales engineering VP, explains in their latest webinar, phishing emails can be very compelling. Imagine receiving something like this, easily created via ChatGPT:

"For a limited time, we're offering a 40% discount on our software license renewal. To claim this offer simply access our new secure platform, via the link below. Here you'll find the unique voucher code, to be copied within 24 hours to secure the discount."

Check out a summary in this short YouTube video.


Simple attacks based on strategies like phishing are becoming increasingly difficult to spot, even by the wary. That's why SMBs in particular are in need of skilled help from QBS partners today, including MSPs and vendors such as GFI Software.

(Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash)