Bluebeam has developed and unleashed a new suite of mobile- and browser-based solutions -- Bluebeam Cloud -- set to work with Bluebeam Revu globally via its subscription plans.

With modern distributed project management teams in mind, Bluebeam Cloud aims at tackling the increased need to secure and collaborate remotely in hybridised working environments.

As the vendor notes in its Built blog, the construction industry in particular can be a top hacker target.

Whether building skyscrapers, bridges, or roads, today's projects require connectivity across a loose, often large, network of stakeholders and collaborators -- presenting multiple potential avenues for cyberattack.

At the same time, there's a need to transition to digital solutions not only to manage such collaborative efforts seamlessly but drive greater efficiencies via cloud computing.

That's why Bluebeam launched Bluebeam Cloud, designed with security in mind while facilitating detailed project collaboration, wherever teams or individual professionals are located.

Why Bluebeam Revu with Bluebeam Cloud?

The construction industry has in some ways trailed the tsunami of digital transformation seen by multiple sectors and markets in recent years. But change is coming, with the leadership of companies like Bluebeam both supporting and enabling transformation across distributed and remote project job sites and teams.

Bluebeam Cloud adds to the benefits and capabilities of collaboration platform Bluebeam Revu. In addition, Studio projects are automatically connected when signing in through the Bluebeam Cloud web app; folders and files can be shared from Studio directly.

Featuring a powerful, flexible Markup Editor for marking up, commenting, and collaborating on project documents, and Field Tools for the management and tracking of punch, RFI and submittal workflows, Bluebeam Cloud works with existing Bluebeam markups, tool sets and documents.

Customers and partners serving architecture, engineering and construction clients depend on accurate, secure, and timely data so they can stay connected and keep projects on track.

Bluebeam Cloud, alongside Revu, means targeted features, workflows and reporting can be delivered with the connectivity, collaboration and data accessibility that enables professionals in the field or office to work anywhere, including on mobile devices.

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( Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay  )