SMBs might know about cyberthreats yet have insufficient resources to ensure systems and software stay correctly configured -- pointing to the benefit of comprehensive security solutions like Bitdefender.

With Bitdefender, the solution can be set to work in the background for the customer, swiftly alerting them to problems with weak permissions, access controls, misconfigurations and other security settings.

According to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), misconfiguration and inadequate change control are among the top threats to SMBs.

"Cloud environments and cloud computing security methodologies differ from traditional [IT] in ways that make changes more difficult to control," the CSA has said.

Attention to detail on cybersecurity has become more critical than ever in hybrid environments that mix and match ways of working, at home or remotely in the cloud as well as on-prem behind a corporate firewall.

Even accidental misconfiguration of cloud resources can be a leading cause of data breaches or allow the deletion or modification of resources, causing service interruptions.

How Bitdefender can help

Cloud security solutions including Bitdefender pinpoint issues from inadequate access restrictions, inactive data encryption, use of easy-to-guess or default passwords, mismanaged permission controls, and more -- as well as helping ensure the implemented controls and policies remain in place over time.

Not only does Bitdefender helps SMBs address the issue of cloud misconfiguration but helps them learn more about all the cloud services they're using, including the different settings, credentials and permissions, while helping them implement other important cybersecurity tools like multi-factor authentication.

Top SMB cloud security threats range from malware to phishing, account hijacking, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, insecure application programming interfaces (APIs), and more -- and it's hard even for large enterprises to keep up with best practice on cybersecurity.

"Given that SMBs are conducting more and more business online, such attacks can cause serious problems and result in lost business," according to Bitdefender's Bob Violino.

Bitdefender solutions include an extensive portfolio of internet security packages for consumer and business endpoints, a complete cybersecurity ecosystem via its flexible ISP platform and an API and subscription management interface through Bitdefender MSP.

( Photo by Flex Point Security on Unsplash )