When leading business comms vendor Avaya needed to deliver education on its cutting-edge products and services, leveraging TechSmith enabled it to build its very own video learning library at pace.

Partly inspired by the famous STEM non-profit 'Khan Academy', Avaya sought to efficiently make and deliver a robust catalogue of high-quality videos.

TechSmith Camtasia was the key, enabling Avaya to offer 995 videos in its fast-growing Avaya Mentor programme, attracting 356,476 views and 2,750 subscribers in 20 months – less than two years.

The focus is basic videos on how to install, maintain, and support Avaya products, according to the TechSmith case study. Because the videos can be viewed free on YouTube, search engines including Google can 'discover' the content, making it easier for engineers to find answers to Avaya-related questions.

“With Camtasia, the team can use templates, splice in video and audio, as well as special editing features to highlight or zoom to certain parts of the screen,” TechSmith explains.

Templates also incorporated legal and branding-approved intros and outros and standardised other aspects like transitions and run time, helping the Avaya Mentor programme reach 196 distinct geographies.

Customers, employees and partners have watched more than 1,200 hours of Avaya Mentor videos per month, equivalent to about 11 full-time support employees, according to TechSmith.

Why organisations need video content

Video has become a critical medium for knowledge sharing and skill transfer with the increase in hybrid and remote working environments. TechSmith recently polled 900 office workers across six countries, finding that video is also “highly popular” in the modern workplace.

“Ninety-one percent of respondents watch instructional or informational videos in a professional context at least once a month, and well over half (71%) of them at least once a week. A few respondents (7%) even consume these types of videos up to ten times a week,” the vendor says.

Dr Jane Bozarth, director of research at The Learning Guild, says that creating better content not only meets viewers' expectations but provides effective knowledge transfer in the work environment.

Learn more

TechSmith Camtasia – available from QBS – empowers users to make amazing videos—even if they’ve never made one before. They can record what's on a computer screen and add video footage, using drag-and-drop edit for animations, visual effects, music, captions and more.

Videos that are easy to understand and provide quick answers to specific technical questions help people do their jobs – which is why TechSmith and Dr Bozarth have created a white paper on the importance of video in the workplace, incorporating expert tips, downloadable here.

( Image by emecortes on Pixabay )