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Allows users to set-up a single gateway for file transmission ensuring all files users comply with specifications and are transferred directly into workflows

Connect ALL is used by hundreds of print service providers, publishers and creative agencies to automate thousands of customers throughout the world. Often, their clients have several tasks they need to do to deliver their layout files for print, review or distribution. Those tasks include:

  • Create print ready PDF files.
  • Verify and fix common errors.
  • Upload job files.
  • Communicate specifications.

Workflow automation is often kept behind the walls of the print service provider to help speed file production. Customer automation extends automation to the customers desktop automating their tasks, creating consistency, reducing errors and speeding up the overall production process.

Key Features

    Connector Features:
  • Define and manage as many Connector projects as needed
  • Create and distribute unlimited number of Connectors
  • Create Connectors for MacOS and Windows
  • Customize the functions of each Connector
  • Brand Connectors with your icon and background image
  • Add your customer URL link to the Connector screen
  • Add your custom instructions to the Connector screen
  • Colorize text to match your custom background
  • Lock Connector projects to avoid accidental changes
    Connector Functions PDF Creation:
  • Include InDesign file packages with PDFs for delivery
  • Enable a virtual printer for PDF creation from any application
  • Enable plug-in support for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud products
  • Virtual printer PDF creation through the built-in Adobe Normalizer
  • Predefine PDF settings using standard Adobe PDF Settings
  • Automatically rename PDFs with static text and variables
  • Use Job Ticket fields as variables in PDF file naming
  • Adjust bleeds, marks and more for Creative Suite/Cloud applications
  • Restrict printing for client-side saved PDFs created by Connectors
  • Apply Pitstop Action List to client-side saved PDFs created by Connectors
    Connector Functions PDF Preflight:
  • Define a PitStop Pro Preflight Profile to verify that PDFs meet your standards
  • Define a PitStop Pro Action List to correct common PDF problems
  • Enable color management settings for PDFs
  • Enable Certified PDF full save
  • Restrict or allow PDFs that fail Preflight to be delivered
  • Select to deliver an annotated Preflight report
  • Enable or disable Preflight review for Connector users
  • Add a Preflight results identifier to file names
  • Use Smart Preflight with electronic Job Tickets to customize Preflight settings
    Connector Functions Job Tickets:
  • Use HTML based forms embedded in Connector, or dynamically linked from a web site
  • Use just about any HTML forms builder to create custom forms
  • Support for multipage job tickets
  • Link to a database for dynamic field population or generation
  • Define Basic Job Tickets in Connect with a variety of fields for text entry, dates, numbers, lists and more
  • Use Job Tickets defined in an Enfocus Switch submit point when delivering to Switch
  • Apply a custom CSS to Basic job tickets and job tickets hosted by Switch
  • Deliver Job Tickets in XML, Metadata XML, TXT or CSV formats
  • Send Job Ticket only from Connectors
  • Use Job Ticket fields as variables for file naming and dynamic delivery points
    Connector Functions Delivery:
  • Use Job Ticket fields as variables for dynamic delivery points and notification delivery.
  • Delivery of any file type and folders
  • Deliver to FTP, sFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Dropbox, local folders, email, or Enfocus Switch servers
  • Restrict any file type for processing and delivery by a Connector
  • Define up to two delivery points
  • Define what files (job files, Job Tickets or Preflight reports) get delivered to each delivery point
  • Predefine user name and password for no-hassle login
  • Password protect job archives
  • Restrict the maximum file size allowed
    Connector Functions Remote Update:
  • Define an FTP, SFTP or HTTP(S) server as your update server.
    Connector functions End user side:
  • Easily access and manage Connectors through the Connector menu extra/task bar icon
  • Modify email or proxy settings to accommodate some firewall-protected networks
  • Define/modify local folder paths for file delivery
  • Reset warning and messages
  • View processing log
  • Delete and manage installed Connectors

Symantec File Share Encryption - Features

Current Features:

  • Allows users to transparently read, write, and share encrypted files across their organisation internally and in the cloud.
  • By embedding encryption into the file or folder, it can be moved without losing its protection, ensuring authorised access only by those with appropriate permissions.
  • Role separation is supported by enforcing different permission levels for users, data owners, and administrators.
  • Enables Symantec Encryption Management Server administrators to enforce automatic file encryption based on application type without end-user disruption.

Symantec File Share Encryption - System Requirements

Supported Desktop Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise (32- and 64-bit versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (32- and 64-bit editions)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including Service Pack 1)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including Service Pack 2)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit (Service Pack 2 and 3)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit (Service Pack 2)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit (Service Pack 2 and 3)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Service Pack 2 (requires attached keyboard)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1 and 2)

Citrix and Terminal Services Compatibility

Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows has been tested with the following terminal services software:

  • Citrix Presentation Server 4.0
  • Windows 2008 Terminal Services (SP1 and SP 2)
  • Windows 2008 Terminal Services R2 (SP 1)

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