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Peer code review tool enabling users to review and share code, capture review metrics for process improvement and improve overall code quality.

Collaborator is a code and document review tool that helps you deliver higher quality code to QA as well as to your customer.

Code Review, or Peer Code Review, is the act of consciously and systematically convening with one’s fellow programmers to check each other’s code for mistakes and has been repeatedly shown to accelerate and streamline the process of software development like few other practices can.

Code Review is an integral process of software development that helps identify bugs and defects before the testing phase. Code review is often overlooked as an ongoing practice during the development phase, but countless studies show it's the most effective quality assurance strategy. Meetings end up taking more time than intentionally planned. Not having a set process in place means you don't actually know if your code reviews are effective or are even happening.

Collaborator is a code review and document review tool that helps development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code. It allows teams to peer review code, user stories and test plans in a transparent, collaborative framework — instantly keeping the entire team up to speed on changes made to the code. By enabling team members to work together to review their work, Collaborator can help you catch bugs before your software hits the market.

Key Features:

  • Collaborate On Artifacts :Improve quality by collaborating on code and documents. Use threaded, contextual chat to comment asynchronously or, if both reviewer and author (or multiple reviewers) are in the tool at the same time, chat in real time.
  • Customize Fields & Workflow:Customise Collaborator to your workflow and terminology rather than the other way around. Collaborator allows you to make the peer review rules.
  • Manage Regulatory Compliance: Quickly implement standardised and documented peer review processes. Ensure proof of review with E-signatures and an audit trail to meet FDA, ISO and CMMI compliance requirements easily.
  • Improve Processes with Reporting:Collaborator keeps a detailed audit log, so in just a few clicks, you have reports to show everything from status of pending code reviews to the details of code review performance. 
  • Integrate with 11 SCMs:Collaborator integrates with more version control systems than any other code review tool. From Git, Perforce, TFS and Subversion, to RTC and ClearCase - and everything in between – 11 integrations in all.
  • Track & Manage Defects:Find a problem, create a defect and ensure traceability. Collaborator helps to create defects using customisable fields so you can collect as much or as little data as you like.
  • GitHub Pull Request Support:Create Collaborator code reviews whenever a GitHub pull request occurs. Many teams find that creating code reviews in GitHub is quick, but that they need the capabilities of a more robust peer review tool.

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