TeamViewer and TeamViewer Tensor can help customers access work devices securely from home, or elsewhere. Customers and partners are invited to learn more about the features and functionality by joining a free Tensor webinar with QBS on Wednesday 3 March.

The Zoom webinar, at 2pm GMT, will cover Tensor features and functionality for secure remote support as well as sales basics. Click here to register.

TeamViewer also provides walkthroughs in its online community.

For best practice, customers should be directed to this FAQ and guide, applying to all TeamViewer customers with a Corporate and Tensor license who will need multiple users set up and managed as well as mass deployment.

There are also guides covering email-based group and device setup and manual group and device setup, multitenancy, single sign-on, and performance or scaling enhancements.

A few basic tips

TeamViewer recommends creating a master account for the TeamViewer management console. This makes it possible to set up an online company for additional features to manage license, groups, modules, user etc. in an easy and secure environment.

With the correct rights, settings can be viewed and modified by others. However, some features are restricted to the master account -- including deploying new policies, remotely assigning devices, and fixes for some issues.

Accounts can be protected with two-factor authentication (2FA). "When this is set up, you will be given a QR code. This can be kept and used to activate more users at a later date but must be kept absolutely secure," says TeamViewer. "Each admin who should have access to the master should have the 2FA code running on their mobile."

Tensor licensees with centralised account and single sign-on should keep their admin accounts exempt -- allowing single sign-on issues to be fixed in the event of a lockout. Activate a Tensor licence here.

Tensor licensees new to the software can download and install TeamViewer from, choosing the appropriate operating system (such as Microsoft Windows) and saving the .exe file to their desktop. Simply select 'No, I have a license', and enter email address and password to sign in.

To make a connection, enter their office computer ID and click 'Connect', before authenticating -- using a desktop password from their IT admin. Log on by clicking 'Advanced' and entering standard Windows credentials.

TeamViewer Tensor provides a secure, easy-to-use remote work infrastructure for accessing desktop computers, mobile devices, server systems, and applications, or intranet sites from home or on the go. Even more TeamViewer and Tensor tips and tricks can be found here.

( Photo by Marta Filipczyk on Unsplash )