SolarWinds showcased the benefits of full-stack observability and database performance monitoring at Microsoft Ignite 2021 this month.

Kevin Kline, data platform expert and 'head geek' at SolarWinds, said that optimising digital transformation means understanding what's happening at multiple levels.

Database observability can be a company's weakest link, according to Kline.

Databases drive application performance and while they tend to cause application performance issues, many enterprises overlook observability within databases.

Via Microsoft Ignite online on 2-4 November, SolarWinds also showcased its Orion Platform in the virtual demo centre -- showing how to support better monitoring and management of the stack and enable complete visibility.

Rohini Kasturi, chief product officer at SolarWinds, said that that insights and best practice for collecting metrics from all endpoints and external outputs can determine the state of all systems, in multiple environments and complex infrastructures.

"Because databases, and therein, the data, are central to this endeavour, we zero in on how to perform this effectively and how our solutions can help," Kasturi says.

"It’s helpful to understand what’s happening across multi-level and multi-component IT systems to achieve centralised visibility and full-stack integration for hybrid environments."

IT management software vendor SolarWinds targets organisations of all types and sizes with hybrid IT solutions for services, operations, devops and secops and the database that help them maintain availability and performance across infrastructures, applications and environments.

( Photo by Ryan Kwok on Unsplash )