Controlling device access to computers is required to secure networks that control machinery or store sensitive information. USB-Lock-RP is the strongest solution to centrally manage access to USB ports, removable storage, mobile devices and wireless adapters to servers, workstations and laptops in a network.

Designed to protect computers in Industrial processes as well as corporate offices:

  • OT Industrial Networks DCS and SCADA including Critical Infrastructure
  • IT Small-Mid-Large Business/Enterprise Networks.

We spoke to USB-Lock-RP’s Founder, Javier A. Arrospide, on how USB-Lock-RP can help protect your networks and sensitive information from hackers.

Could you tell us a little bit about USB Lock?

USB Lock RP Device Control Software is an administrative and enforcement security tool specifically designed to control devices access to protect windows operating systems, without concern to dependencies, at a very small memory/storage footprint.

Straightforward approach, to allow only specifically authorized devices and reject the rest without interfering with harmless peripherals normal operations.

How does it work?

The Management Console operates on-premises within the enterprise network and provides real-time granular control and visibility over USB activity and endpoint computers. It controls devices access policy and enforces rules to specific computers, as well as groups of computers with ease, receive devices connection alerts and logs events automatically, including USB Monitoring for details on approved file transfers.

At client stations blocking is visible to the user/attacker, present full-screen window alerts that extend to multiple monitors.

Lockdown remains until any of the following conditions is met:

  • The blocked USB device is removed. (client-side)
  • The master password is used. (Client-side.)
  • The sector is unprotected. (Control-side.)
  • The device is authorized. (Control-side.)

Functions that security administrators and pen testers highlight:

  • Autonomy.
  • Ease of use.
  • Protection strength.
  • Personalization.
  • Real-time Response.
  • Permanent use licensing model.

What benefits are customers seeing from USB Lock?

  • On-Premises Centralized Management.
  • Prevent Computer Systems Infection by mean of devices
  • Prevent Data-loss from Computers
  • Prevent Data-loss from Authorized Devices
  • Visibility over Devices Connection Events & Activity
  • Compliance with Endpoint Security Policies and Regulations
  • Permanent end-user organization licensing model.
  • Designed for organizations autonomous control, doesn’t require internet.
  • Strong device control, Blocks or authorizes devices at system level in real-time.
  • All included, no need to order additional modules for encryption or monitoring.
  • Personalized, includes your organizations logo on alert screens presented at clients.

How does the pricing work?

Advantageous perpetual licensing model, our software never expires, not even the demo. All licensing includes 2 years software assurance & maintenance.

What about support, how do you help?

Base technical support is always available regardless of software maintenance subscription status. Support is provided by developers; our team can take meaningful immediate action in resolving any specific technical issue.

Sounds good how do we try it if we want to test it out?

We provide a fully functional demo that can be downloaded so the interested organization can be sure USB Lock RP fits all their requirements. Click to download here.

Free Licenses: If you are testing for a large order and require some free licenses to review personalization or put the software to work in small scale prior to ordering, let us know as we could grant to your organization fully Licensed setups to control 10 clients at no charge for your POC (Proof of Concept.

Take a look at a screenshot:

Take a look at a video:

About the Author

Javier A. Arrospide, Founder- Owner, CEO of Advanced Systems International SAC. Author of USB Lock RP Straightforward Device Control Software Solutions. Overseeing design, development, support, and licensing worldwide. Self-taught Security Software Developer. Active Product owner, scrum master, programmer. Focused on Device Control threat analysis, detection and response. Outside the box thinker committed to organizations data assets security.