In today’s organisations, team members are often geographically dispersed, making high-quality remote access critical to productivity. But productivity is only one of the concerns. New challenges are coming your way all the time. Many teams are tasked with reducing costs, increasing data security and increasing collaboration with a high-speed solution all at once. Knowledge workers need access from anywhere:

  • In the office
  • On the road
  • At customer sites
  • From home, using smartphones and tablets

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX provides remote access to graphically demanding software on UNIX, Linux and Windows from anywhere using any device.

Here are 5 top tips on getting your remote access to UNIX, Linux and Windows to keep up:

1) Stay productive and secure Work teams are dispersed around the world, with many employees working from home and others at customer sites. Exceed TurboX provides easy, centralized access to graphically demanding UNIX, Linux and Windows software and data for geographically dispersed teams of experts. Wherever they are, they need to stay productive with secure access to corporate systems.

2) Increase productivity Many engineers use high-quality graphics software to design products or analyse data. Inaccurate renderings will create defective products. Exceed TurboX offers unrivalled pixel-perfect drawing and precise colour rendering, which increases productivity and quality of work. Slow remote access solutions reduce productivity and frustrate highly paid experts who are designing the future of your enterprise. Exceed TurboX provides unique, high-speed remote access to keep productivity at the same level as with local software installations.

3) Reduce capital expenses and operating costs Equipment purchases, software licenses and other subscription-based services are expensive. Look for ways to support global productivity without busting the budget. Centralised desktops are easy to maintain and upgrade and reduce the need for local IT personnel to access each user’s machine. Exceed TurboX reduces total cost of ownership of software solutions by allowing centralised management and OS upgrading.

4) Mobility Bring your own device and easy user access to cloud-based systems allow employees to work anywhere and anytime. Finding the right remote access solution to UNIX, Linux and Windows environments has never been easy…until now. Trust the right partner with a remote access solution that will keep up with your needs. OpenText Exceed TurboX accelerates employees’ productivity anywhere and anytime.

5) Avoid complex operating systems migration efforts Remember the difficulty of migrating from one version of Windows to a new version of Windows? Organisations are looking for alternative ways to modernise IT architecture without affecting access to production systems. Exceed TurboX provides remote desktop access for employees to access their business-critical applications from anywhere, using any device.

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