(Photo by Justin Dickey on Unsplash)

With hybrid IT models leading more customers towards platform integrations, the stage is set for another integration to boost data management -- via SolarWinds Service Desk.

SolarWinds Service Desk set for a boost via integration of the Orion Platform with ServiceNow's data management system for digital products and services.

Ross Fujii, vice president of research and development partnerships at SolarWinds, said the integration will help Orion users deepen their IT asset tracking and monitoring capabilities through

"a single-pane-of-glass view into their technology infrastructure".

Orion Platform is now in ServiceNow connector technology partner programme -- integrating Orion into ServiceNow's service graph. This will add synergies for managing the full lifecycle of digital products and services in ServiceNow products.

The integration addresses the whole technology stack right to the application layer, according to the press announcement. ServiceNow said it will help predict and prevent issues and automate resolutions by speeding up root cause analysis, reducing mean time to resolution, and accelerating time to value for customers.

Customers will be able to load data from SolarWinds into ServiceNow, realising better IT management outcomes, according to SolarWinds.

The news follows a SolarWinds announcement that it is pondering even more focus on MSPs with a spin-off set to spur growth.

ChannelPro has reported that a standalone SolarWinds MSP business, flagged as an idea for 2021, should help MSPs target SMBs particularly. SolarWinds' core IT management business would be retained.

SolarWinds has said in the press release that about 400 MSP partners have deployed 3,110 of its backup testing devices since mid-year, replacing manual backup verification. This suggests ongoing demand around automation tools for greater efficiencies and disaster preparedness.