When is the perfect time to buy or upgrade your SAP Crystal Server or Reports licences? The answer is now. We are excited to announce some fantastic discounts and special pricing available to all existing and new customers of SAP Crystal Solutions.

SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Upgrade - Special Pricing – 37% Off Vs. Brand New License SAP Crystal Server 2013 Promotion – 50% Off – Limited offer: Ends Dec 31, 2019

SAP® Crystal Server 2013 Promotion – 50% Off

The SAP Crystal Reports family of offerings enables rich formatting of broad, transactional-level data. This allows users to address virtually any information consumption requirement – from simple columnar or table report layouts to specialised government forms. Publishing allows you to securely distribute targeted and personalised business information to a wide predefined audience, while Scheduling helps you chose the recurrence patterns. SAP BusinessObjects Live Office software integrates business intelligence (BI) within the familiar Microsoft Office environment – allowing your team to embed trusted, refreshable information within documents, spreadsheets and presentations and share them across the organisation for greater insight. Enterprises that adopt SAP BusinessObjects solutions can achieve value across four dimensions: Business Benefits, Strategic Benefits, Employee Benefits, Technology Benefits: Business transparency with a single source of the truth for all stakeholders, anywhere, anytime, and on any device

  • 20-30% decrease in training demands on IT staff due to reduced complexity
  • 300% increase in analytics tools adoption across the company
  • 80-90% reduction in time spent building reports and project prototype
  • Up to 35% increase in revenue due to more informed decision-making
  • Up to 90% automation of standard reports
  • 30% reduction in IT resource and design costs

Licensing and Packaging

  • A common semantic layer that makes corporate data readily accessible
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications to provide users with information inside the solutions they work with the most
  • Accelerated start with simplified deployment, configuration wizards, and migration tools make configuration faster and easier
  • Administrative support for life-cycle management, auditing, and system monitoring to minimise ongoing cost of ownership
  • In minimum blocks of 5 Named Users and 5 concurrent sessions
  • Limited Single Server Deployment
  • Access to Crystal Reports
  • Report Developers are additional

Crystal Reports - Solution Availability: Existing and new users can still purchase Crystal Reports in the following previous version:

  • XIR2
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2013

SAP® Crystal Reports 2016 Upgrade - Special Pricing – 37% Off Vs. Brand New License

The de-facto standard in pixel-perfect reporting since 1991. With SAP Crystal Reports, you can create powerful, richly formatted, and dynamic reports from virtually any data source, delivered in over a dozen formats, in up to 28 languages. SAP Crystal Reports turns almost any data source into interactive, actionable information that can be accessed offline or online, from applications, portals and mobile devices.

All existing users of Crystal Reports are now eligible for an upgrade to latest version 2016 at price 37% lower than standard SAP Catalogue price for full new copy of Crystal Reports 2016 All existing users of Crystal Reports within the Non-Profit and Educational Organisations are now eligible for an upgrade to latest version 2016 at price 37 % lower than standard SAP Catalogue price for full new copy of Crystal Reports 2016

SAP Crystal Reports 2016 key features:

  • Broader connectivity to diverse data sources to provide real-time operational reports that empower to make day-to-day business decisions
  • Flexible, customisable report design to give customers and partners the information they need in the reporting format of their choice
  • Conditional formatting of lines and boxes – no more having multiple sections, each with a different line, with each section conditionally hidden to show a different line
  • Show Parameter Value Descriptions – even supports range parameters. No need for those SQL Functions doing a lookup on the database just to get a description that the user’s already seen
  • Vertical Alignment of text – force text to appear at the bottom of a box. So much easier to create text headers
  • Data mashups development options
  • Direct to Data Enhancements
  • Windows 10 support
  • New data sources

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