A warm welcome to the first issue of our new QBS Software solution guide.

Each edition will have a theme surrounding one particular software area in which we operate. We will also provide some top tips, solutions to the most demanding challenges and talk about what’s trending around some key software publishers. We hope that this will enable you to understand the software better.

In this issue, we focus on the challenges and solutions that developers and DevOps teams face. Trending technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) will streamline processes and reduce global operating costs by billions. This is putting developers and DevOps teams under pressure to discover or create and implement new software to keep businesses ahead of the transformation curve. The speed in which developers build, test and deploy will be a priority in 2020, with developers needing to move fast to develop and test smaller units before eventually releasing a state-of-the-art application. At QBS Software, we are extremely proud to supply software such as SmartBear, JFrog, Intel, JetBrains, InVision, BrowserStack and Quickreport, plus many more.