Just about a month ago, QBS distribution attended to the Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, where we successfully achieved the most visits of all exhibitors. We are now looking forward to attending the ACCU Conference event on the 10th-13th April, at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre.

The Intel - QBS relationship goes back many years, and we are immensely proud to present the latest version of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 on the stand. We will also be showcasing one of our hardware offerings with the Intel NUC - which to us defines small form factor computing. Check out our brochure here.

What is ACCU Conference?

ACCU is a membership organisation for people involved in software creation. The members are interested in programming, programming languages, testing, the tools of developing software, the process of developing software, and all related things. The tag line for the organisation is Professionalism in Programming.

Historically, ACCU has a lot of C++ and C content, and is proud of that: ACCU is the foremost annual conference for people interested in C++ and C, at least in and around the UK. But it is not just a C++ and C conference, ACCU is about programming in whatever language people are using, with whatever tools and processes people are using: D, Chapel, Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, Groovy, Rust, Go, Python, Ruby, Lisp, to name just a few programming languages about which there have been sessions at ACCU conferences. Git, Mercurial, CMake, Meson, TDD, BDD, all these tools and techniques have been the focus of sessions at ACCU.

Are you a developer looking to attend the event? Do you have any questions regarding Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019? Make sure you stop by our stand, our exhibitors will be more than happy to get your questions answered as well as to enter you in the prize draw. Register here.