Businesses and consumers both use video conferencing to stay connected with colleagues, peers and loved ones these days, which makes best practice in privacy and security more important whatever the location.

Gerry Beuchelt, chief information security officer at LogMeIn, points to the surge in the use of products that help people do more online -- to stay productive at work for instance.

"Our collaboration products, including GoToMeeting, have long been a leader for secure professional meetings for millions of users while LastPass continues to be a household name when it comes to securing your online identity," Beuchelt adds.

Now more than ever, people and businesses are relying on remote work and meeting tools to connect and collaborate with teams, customers, and prospects, even students and family and friends.

These platforms, whether enabling password management, video calls, virtual classrooms, online meeting rooms or virtual help desks all need to be secure and private spaces for data storage, open collaboration and discussion, he says.

"We’ve seen some platforms, as well as individual users, fall into preventable and often embarrassing meeting and video conferencing traps, as they adjust to a life outside the office," Beuchelt says.

"If you’re an IT admin rolling out video conferencing to your newly remote workforce, you must establish policies that require employees to be diligent about using these features within their meetings. Lastly, don’t forget to review the default settings, especially for account admins, and make sure that you are OK with these."

In response, LogMeIn has offered users a series of best-practice tips for video conferencing tools and online meetings aimed at boosting privacy and security when remotely logging in to a system.

LogMeIn has also hired an ex-Salesforce executive, Jamie Domenici, as its new chief marketing officer.

At CRM leader Salesforce, she spent ten years generating cloud software sales to SMB customers, driving post-sales adoption and onboarding.

Domenici is expected to help redefine the go-to-market approach for LogMeIn’s millions of customers worldwide as businesses increasingly look to invest in flexible, mobile and remote technologies.

"While the past year brought many challenges, one of the unexpected benefits was a widespread acceptance of remote work across many industries and geographies. LogMeIn is a pioneer in the work-from-anywhere space and I wanted to be part of a company that empowers people to navigate and thrive in these times," she said in the official announcement.

For more on the expanded need for virtualised and digital workspaces due to Covid, download Deloitte's March 2020 report "Remote collaboration: facing the challenges of Covid-19".