One way businesses can reduce expensive unexpected downtime is by adopting new machine learning tools to help detect anomalies quickly -- which Kaspersky, once known primarily for popular cybersecurity products like Kaspersky Total Security, now offers.

Andrey Lavrentyev, head of technology research at Kaspersky, says that advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms and the ability to adapt to particular industrial processes make Kaspersky Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection (MLAD) an essential tool for smooth production.

"It complements monitoring systems and machine operators’ expertise with the ability to detect anomalies in a complex environment. No matter what causes the deviations, downtime, equipment breakdowns and disasters can be prevented, thanks to early alerts," Lavrentyev explains.

"We have been developing the technology for several years and today we’re happy to announce the general availability of our fully-fledged product to help customers achieve these benefits."

Kaspersky has detailed how early detection of process breakdown can reduce costly downtime for customers in industrial or manufacturing settings particularly.

A report by the cybersecurity vendor estimates that simply halving downtime, on its own, can enable a large power plant to save up to $1 million a year. If the customer is an oil refinery, the amount saved on average rises to $2.5 million.

It is critical to keep technological processes from interruptions such as equipment malfunctions, operator errors, or cyberattacks on industrial control systems. Machine learning solutions can detect system deviations earlier, according to Kaspersky.

Kaspersky's MLAD is now widely available as a commercial product. The detector is empowered with ML algorithms that can analyse telemetry from machinery sensors in real time. It warns of machine malfunctions by raising alerts as soon as manufacturing process parameters (tags) begin to behave in an unexpected way.

Features include a graphical interface for detailed analysis of anomalies and tools that can integrate the product with existing systems to deliver operator alerts. It can operate in an existing infrastructure, without installing additional sensors.

More information on Kaspersky's new MLAD offering can be found here.

( Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash )